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Bus Lane Buddy
Many countries have bus lanes which operate between certain times during the day, eg. Between 7am – 10am or 4pm – 6pm. Outside of these hours, other motorists can use the lanes.
However, the problem is that many drivers are uncertain or afraid of entering them in case of getting hit with a fine – even though they can do so when the lane is out of operation.

This causes more traffic jams and inefficient use of the road space, as well as delays to the drivers journey.

The Bus Lane Buddy app reassures drivers that any given bus lane is either safe to enter or not safe to enter, thus addressing all of the above mentioned problems.

App in practice:

At the splash screen, press the word ‘buddy’ to enter the app.

The information the app presents include:

- Current GPS position – Streetname, etc
- Whether a bus lane is in the vicinity
- A large RED or GREEN indication whose purpose is to provide the driver with an at-a-glance confirmation if it is safe to enter the lane or not.
(this is the only real interaction that the driver will have once the app is running, so it wont be much of a distraction)

- 3 buttons

INFO and EXIT are self explanatory,
The LOG button enables the user to add the location of a bus lane (and its operating times) if it is not in the database already.

The swf demo just shows the screens which will be shown and examples of information shown (not based on actual CAN data)

The app relies on a database which can be updated over air, but stored locally. With the ability for users to add information about lanes which haven’t already been identified, the user base will grow to make Bus lane Buddy become a very useful app.

Other features to be implemented:

Automatically synchronised clock for accurate timekeeping
App submitted: 29.06.2010
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hahaha Nice job with the first animation! I like it! :) But I think that it have to dissapear after a seconds, could be more comfortable :). And your idea it's very interesting! User2830
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Hi lee, We are in the final day. Thx for the support u given & ur valuable comments. Wish u good luck & all the best. User3148
Thx lee, have a look on my new app. User3148
Hi david..ur effort is so good. learning flash within a week & created a very nice app.Your effort is highly appreciated. Go ahead my frnd User3148
eeeeh, I was in London last weekend and I saw the metro newspager as well, but I didn't had enough time to leaf through. Do you know if there is an online version of the article about vw? User2776
Hi DAvid! Thank you for joining our contest! What is the name of the newspaper, this contest was mentioned? Good luck! User2776
Hi. Yes, FreeLoc is cross platform, the flash app can be executed on Nokia or Windows Mobile devices. User2891
Thx lee for ur words User3148
Self teaching CS5 (AS3), ..btw, how can I implement an onscreen keyboard which will allow the user to click on the letters and have the output go to the textbox? User3237
which one? User2842
Hi lee, sorry fot the delayed message. thx very much for visitn my profile & review my ideas & gave some comments.Keep continue User3148
Thanks, Im doing a crash course in flash to try and submit my app idea in time :) User3237
Thank you! Have fun.. User3216
Hello everyone!! I just found out about this app my ride competition via my local newspaper :) ! User3237
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