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Car Presets based on geo-loaction
Most of our drives take place on the same routes.

Some parts of it may be driven best with other presets for suspension (DCC), gearshifting (DSG), Tempomat or engine caracteristics (Sport/Eco).

For bad road a soft suspension might be best, for winding roads a stiffer suspension is more suitable. Sometimes the could be a speedlimit or speedwarning automatically set.

The app should remember the settings for favourite routes the driver choosed most often based on GPS-Data/Geo Location and automatically adapt all systems to suit drivers whishes best. It should as well allow the driver to set preferences like in an editor for his daily routes. The car then automatically adapts to the choosen preferences on the special road, preprograms the Tempomat (so its on the right speed when activated), adjusts suspension, gear shiftig strategy and engine characteristics.

This could be used as well for vehicle presentation by the dealer on a preprogrammed track in the navigation system and start the best music for the road und the best settings for the car.
Idea submitted: 02.06.2010
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Good idea!!! User3150
I like the idea! Perhaps it could be usefull to avoid accidents. User2858
very high tech app idea, but i think that there would be some ppl using this app User2776
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Good to have you here weesnich! Are you going to code some apps or rather submitting some ideas for apps? User2776
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Car Presets based on geo-loaction
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