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Efficient Driving
Most of the drivers know that, driving car at high engine spindle increase the consumed level of fuel. We can follow the engines spindle speed in the board of our car as RPM (round per minute).
In this app I aimed to calculate how much fuel do we consume and how much of it wasted due to high RPM by following up the changes at fuel consumes according to RPM changes.
Although we all know, high RPM requires high fuel consume, we do not know approx. how much fuel do we wasted. Therefore, instead of showing wasted fuel as Litre, I decided to convert it to EURO. So drivers can know how serious such useless consume of fuel.
On the other hand, waste of more fuel is not only damages our pockets, it also damages our health by producing more CO2. Therefore, other than fuel cost in euro, driver can follow up the total produced CO2, and see how much of it produced due to high RPM.
According to investigations, its now know that a car can produce 20 times more noise then an efficiently driven car. Which means that that we also produce loud pollution by driving aggresively.

Other functionalities of the App are:
1- Driver can Reset the app any time during a trip,
2- Driver can see a detailed report any time during a trip,
3- Driver gets warned whenever he drives over 2500RPM to decide either to gear up or gas down,
4- Driver gets warned if he park his car but doesnít stop the engine more then 30seconds. So if he is not going to move in another 30sec. its suggested to stop the engine too,
5- Driver gets warned if he drives the car at a fixed speed more then 2 minutes without cruise control. Using cruise control helps to avoid waste of fuel.

PS: I have more design and functionality ideas to develop this app further but we are almost at the end of the contestís time.
App submitted: 29.06.2010
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Hi pyros, thanks for your comments. Now you can reset values, I am thinking to get cars details from an XML source, so when user select the type of his car, he doesnt need to enter any more info about his car. But I have no time to do it :) I also worked bit on report page, you can drag page to scroll down or up to read all of the report. User3150
Hi emre! Great app! :) I've find two possible bugs. One is in reset button. I can't reset values.... and other is when you choice oil engine or diesel engine. It doesn't change :) Another point that I like is report button. Is a very good idea :). Maybe you can let to send to your email or webserver, and log it for have a driving record. See you!! User2830
test driver of the simulator drove the car very efficiently so its hard to see how changes occur at high engine speed. But at the end of the Highway mod, you can see how it works :) User3150
I agree drivecast, but today is the last day of the contest and this the best I could do for the moment. But i have some more ideas to make the app look better with additional functionalities. User3150
Thanks Margious, if we see how we can damage environment by driving aggressively, we may take care of it more. User3150
Nice app! I suggest to increase the size of the report text. :) User3153
Nice app...very usefull and needed to prevent big costs and protect the envoriment. User2852
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Thanks Ameti. User3150
Hi is now working .I must parking my car.And..... User3175
Hi Neeraj, I have already submitted this idea as app, thanks for your reminding. User3150
nice idea....and nice implementation ...though it would be bad if you used an app already submitted by someone else. User3213
Hi Karthik, only if you do not copy my design, it will not be a problem for me at all. Its already clear that I submitted the idea before you. Go ahead and design your app. Good luck User3150
Hi emre , I had a idea similar to your "Do you have a pen" but then i saw your idea already submitted. So will it be a problem if made app of it? User3186
Hi Robert, thanks for your suggestion. I egree :) User3150
HI emre, you might want to include information gathered from the internet in your application, e.g. geocoded infos, news, etc. User2853
Hi Emre . You have a got idea. User3175
Good to have you here emre! Enjoy the contest! User2776
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