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Foursquare Tips (updated)
Foursquare Tips uses GPS location provided by the car to retrieve nearby places from Foursquare (http://foursquare.com).

Update 9.6.2010

- Added on screen keyboard
- Added search feature for places
- Changed scroll bar handle to a bigger one


The app uses the Foursquare information for displaying tips and special offers on venues near the drivers current location.

There is basically nothing new on displaying place information based on drivers current GPS location. I guess every navigation system on the market is capable of displaying information on nearby gas stations, stores, restaurants etc.

However, since tips are written by real people and the app displays photo (if available) and the name of the person behind the tip. This adds some social aspect on the road when compared to regular navigation systems.

The Foursquare API used on building this app allows people to make shouts, check-in to places and display information about friends' locations. Some of these features could also be added to Foursquare Tips in future.
App submitted: 31.05.2010
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nice app User3150
I'm sure you've thought about it, but just in case I did. You could supplement your application even when you click on a site, the GPS guide you to there. I know that we have no functions that relate our applications with the gps, but you can do something similar as I have done in my last app :). For the rest, I love the interface. Very clean! Nice work! User2830
Its a nice appln. User3148
Thanks for your contribuition. Yes, i think the same. We need to put more information in apps, as you've done. I'm trying it, but i'm using Flash IDE and Flash deployed apps have some sandbox issues, i'm stack, waiting for a fix in app-player. Nice app, again. Keep going :) User3040
Hi, looks very good! You could improve e.g. the scroll bar a little bit. Thinking of an incar touchscreen it could be a bit bigger for easy handling. User2838
Cool App. I was waiting a sandbbox fix to implement something like this into my app. After that, i'm quiting. Good job! :) User3040
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Cool update! User2838
Yeah! That sounds good :) User2830
Hi plokk. What I meant about my last application "Also You Can Go ..." was that when you double click on a location, the application shows you the distance between your position and the establishment you have selected and will be updated on every move. It is not a GPS, but could simulate it :) User2830
Thanks plokk to visit my page.I expects ur suggetions & comments also. User3148
Hi plokk! Welcome to the App my Ride contest! Have fun! User2776
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