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DRIVEGUARD (with sound)
The challenge:
Driving in the city can be upsetting: traffic jams, loud noises and mindless people. Your blood pressure rises – and so does the risk for an accident. Or: you’re driving a very, very, very straight road in the middle of the night. Means: driving close to a dangerous micro sleep.
The question for both unpleasant situations:
What can Volkswagen do to bring your focus back on the road and to get you in a relaxed mood again at the same time?

The answer:
With our personal DRIVEGUARD every trip is going to be fun and safe again: While driving, the APP will check parameters like Steering Wheel Angle, Vehicle Ahead Detection or Pedal Force. The APP will then calculate your mood: either nervous – or bored.
DRIVEGUARD then selects the right music for you or gives out friendly advice like “stay calm and carry on” or in the case of being upset, an uplifting message like “only 300m to the next highway service area for some coffee and exercises”.

Why is this APP so cool?
With this APP we can reduce accidents – because we minimize stressful feelings.
Nice side effect: it’s great fun how the car seems to think ahead for the driver – from now on there’s always someone taking care of you during every trip.
App submitted: 29.06.2010
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nice app... User2852
reminds me of nintendo wii for some reason, nice presentation User3237
I think, it is more a presentation than a application. User3193
Nive idea! Again my question: Do you use CAN data of car or is it just a presentation how the app could work? User2858
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I believe the intention was good but the idea has been implemented in different ways, have a look at Ford sync. keep going! User3301
The SUPERDRIVER is so cool – such a shame I didn´t have the idea ;) User3212
Oh là là! C'est fantastique! ; ) User3273
Hey, that´s a veeeeeery sexy APP! Would love to have that!! User3212
Welcome, waiting your ideas and apps :) User3150
Hello Steffi! Welcome to our Contest! Thank you for taking part! :) User2776
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