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Am I late?
This Application will be able to inform a Person you are navigating to if you are late. Also the person will be able to watch your Position on a special webpage. Sending the information will be absoluteliy automatic based on predefined user settings.
This App should be used for mid and longer navigation system based journies. Even for commercial or public transportation it will be usefull. You start navigation with selecting a person in your telephonebook. This person has ideally an address trailed. This person will be automatically informed if you will be late. You would be also able to select your destination indepandent from the persons address. Depending on your user settings the person you selected will get an sms or an automated call when you start driving to your destination. Also there ist send a link to a special webpage, where the Person can see your cars position on a map. (see www.istagehere.de) Your position on the map will be updated periodically by webservice, there will be also additional informations about your car and travelling like heading, speed, temperature and so on avaiable. So the person will be informed you started your journey where you are and how he can inform himself where you are. While you are travelling you might get late because of traffic jams or something else. This can be also TMC supported. If you are getting late more then e.g. 20 minutes there will be an additional automatic message to the person with your new arrival time.
In conclusion this app has two main features:
-inform person that you are on a journey to a certain place and which time you will arrive there
-make a person able to overview your exact position on a map in realtime
Idea submitted: 21.05.2010
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Nice idea! User3150
Hey max-e, thanks for your hint! This might be a good idea. I will reconsider that. User3095
mm you d need some information about the person you meet in first place, you could combine it with your calendar e.g. so everything would work without you doing anything at all. User2815
good idea!! User3067
nice idea...usefull... User2852
Thats a really cool idea man. Believe it or not I had the exact thing in mind, but Im glad someone else thought it was a good idea too. User2840
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Good to have you on board drev! Enjoy! User2776
Hello drev. Are you planing to code some apps or rather submitting ideas for apps? :) User2778
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