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We are concerned about pollution of our vehicles, our machines, but what we really like this the air that surrounds us? What our children breathe in the park we go?

The solution is here: CO2 Sensor

As we know the temperature outside, we know the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere, and so decide the best place for our family.(with less CO2 in the atmosphere)

Because health is important.
Idea submitted: 19.05.2010
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mmh an Co2 sensor,, sounds like one of those future szenarios where it s hard to find breathable air. hehe. Well i think this makes the most sense when your driving electric cars, else you generate CO2 yourself. Else you could inform the driver to drive less aggressive to reduce the CO2 Pollution in clean Areas User2815
Well... if I understand correctly, this app will guide us (with our GPS) a free-CO2 place (i.e. a park, mountains, ...) right? It could be a great idea ser_df!! :). I think that this app could be work masking our GPS with colors: green for a free space, red a very polluted zone, etc. And how we can do that? With a centralized DB wich saves our values. In a few days, all VW owners would make a "green-map"!! Nice work ser_df :D User2830
you can read it! choose a better place (free of CO2) based in the medition of your CO2 sensor. User3067
Where is the idea? User2997
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In my computer works... and maguis PC too. If you can't see nothing, press "stop" button. Sometimes happens that :) User2830
Hi ser_df!! I've updated my "alcoholimeter" could you check and comment it?? Thanks! :) User2830
Thanks for the feedback! I've added the thumbnails! User2842
Thanks ser_df. I'm flattered for you message :). The problem is that the SDK they provide doesn't exist a CO2 sensor, so "simulate" that effect would be based on random numbers, which would not clarify too much your idea. However, I recommend you do a power point presentation explaining how your idea would work. Surely help to avoid misunderstandings :) User2830
hahahaha nice idea ser_df!! In future versions, I'll put this button! :D User2830
No big deal ;) Greetings! User2997
thats why I wrote I didnt get it.. there no need to be impolite at this point cause your descriptions is unclear for this matter cite:"As we know the temperature outside, we know the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere, and so decide the best place for our family" I tried to start a dicussion to iterate the idea, because there are several aspects to think about (pollution, city area, etc.) Perhaps a good cause of thought is to think about how to get the CO2 data.. Cheers lvd ;) User2997
Didn't get the idea of the sensor.. What is your idea behind the sensor? Temperature=Co2? :) User2997
Well...I supose that if you remember where's your car, you will remember how many have you drunk hahaha :) Thanks for your comment!! User2830
Hi people! I'm happy to be working with you all. Enjoy the experience!:D User3067
hey ser_df put some content in here! User2945
First of all, welcome to app my ride ser_df :) thanks for your comment. Are you thinking on any ideas? I'll be waiting!! :D User2830
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