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Intelligent gauges
This option will help the driver to be more concentrate and safety
During his journey
Then decrease accidents cased due to confusion ,stress or sleeping of the driver,Measuring of pulse rate and body temperature By gauges fixed in steering wheel,and capture your eye movement by inside camera.Then compare the result with the standard one which saved in the system.You may be nervous or want to sleep during drive.Your car will take reactions to make you in the ideal condition 1-(in case of nervous it will chose your love music and the driving set will make a relaxation massage) 2-(in case if you want to sleep your driving set will give you some medical shocks which rise your heart rate and make you more concentrate)
Idea submitted: 17.05.2010
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too much similar idea about keeping driver awake. I hope a good solution will be found :) User3150
I like it! It should be compared with my idea of an affective music player! User2858
nice idea... User2852
nice presentation! User2776
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Hello soliman55, great presentation and idea. My fresh seat could be very useful in Egypt and other hot contries too... User2852
perfect soliman55! That's the right way to present your idea! I like it very much! so I am going to delete your other account, ok? :) User2776
thank you 79 for your guide User3047
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