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Stop Suggest
Stop Suggest
Version: 0.09
Build: 2010-05-25
Update: Distances, Map, Directions
Issue: Waiting for ApplicationDomain() fix in app-player
When you click at "take me there button" the app will dispatch an error.
Contribution: If you liked the buttons into the app, you can download it at http://www.ederlima.com.br/arquivos/flash/vw-app-my-ride-ederlima-buttons.png (Font used: VolksWagen HeadLine Regular)
How to Test:
Start Application and press the active buttons (buttons with label and icons), follow the events.

Application features:
Stop Suggest will suggest locations based on your GeoLocation and Timezone, suggesting hotels, restaurants, gas stations and other locations that are needed, by touch or voice interface, using Google Maps API and Volkswagen cars provided data.

I hope that i finish the app at time.
Enjoy ;)
App submitted: 19.05.2010
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nice app...coll interface. User2852
Thanks for your comment. The map feature as presented in your app layout would be a nice addition to any kind of app that would benefit from displaying locations or driving directions for the driver. However, since most of the cars have an integrated navigation systems in my opinion these should include some sort of push feature for presenting data on map from 3rd party apps like yours and mine. User3104
good job Eder Lima! Nice interface and clean design! User2776
Really cool and complex app! User2858
Hi, you definitely figured out how the look & feel could be. Itís getting better & better! User2838
Hi ederlima! I have a questions about the buttons you used. Are this standard buttons of flash (CS3/CS4) or Flex Builder or did you make them? Thanks! User2858
Yes, it's a beta (must be alpha :)) I'm working at some functions at this time. Yeah, it looks like interesting points in gps, but separeted by especific categories and needs. The close button exists only on sdk version, i think. :) User3040
very cool app man, n props to ur programming skills User2840
Hi, design looks good! Needs some more functionality ... interested to see more! User2838
It's nice, but a beta version,no? ;) I can't close the app when it's working. It's like the interesting points in a GPS. ;) User3067
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Oh you had your birthday - happy belated birthday :) User2776
Happy Birthday Eder Lima! Have a nice day ;-) User2858
Volkswagen provides you with an updated SDK by June 16th! Hope its not too late and you still like to contribute :) User2776
I am sorry that you got stuck because of the appPlayer issues. i will try to catch stefan henze on monday morning! Sorry again for the troubles and thank you for your understanding! User2776
Hi Eder - regarding to the sandbox issue i will give Stefan Henze a call next monday. He did the coding of the app player but unfortunately he is on holidays this week. i will keep you up to date! User2776
Hi Eder Lima! Two small things: (1) Did you set up in Flash CS5 under File-> Setting for publishing -> Security for local playing -> just access network (note: I have a german version so i don't exactly know the english menu) (2) you should not set the key for the google map, because this key is already set by the app player from volkswagen. This resulted in errors in my app. Your code I have to check more accurate...Por suerte entiendo un poco de espanol - y por eso un pocito des portugues tambien... so I can unerstand your comments ;-) User2858
Yes you are right! A forum is really missing here! Ok I will add you on Facebook and have a look at the code. I will right you as soon as I found out something User2858
Sorry I don't have Twitter. I will upload you a minimalistic flex code sample on my webspace in one or two hours. I will give you the link then. Hope this will help you. User2858
Hi Eder Lima! If you want I could sent you the part of my code or you sent me your code and I have a look at it. I don't know if is clever to write my Email address here, because of Spam. Do you have a Facebook account? User2858
Hi ederlima! Ok then I am not alone with my problem :-) It seems that there are often security sandbox problems with google map services. Now i am to tired (its 0:30 AM here) but tomorrow I try to find a solution. I hope the VW team can help us with our problems and if we could get the code perhaps it could help us! Bye! User2858
Hi ederlima! Thanks for your comment! No there is no restriction for your country. I have the same problem :-( On my local computer the app wors fine but online i get an "#2048: Security sandbox violation" error. At the moment I try to find a solution for that. User2858
Hi ederlima! Thank you very much! I even didn't know that there is a Volkswagen Font ;-) shame on me! User2858
Hey thanks for the comments and your idea of taking pictures in the car is brilliant I think, but the contest is for apps only so ull have to upload the image some other way. Perhaps the app can download the profile image on ur twitter or facebook account User2840
Hi, thx for your comment. Think there is a lot of potential to save energy in fine tuning air-condition! User2945
HI there ! User2882
Hi ederlima! Thank you for joining our contest! Have fun and show as some nice apps and ideas for apps! :) User2776
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