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This app will help you in a simple way to save fuel. It checks the tire pressure, used gear, lights and a lot more to give the driver possibilities to save fuel.

A simple graphic user interface based on a bar diagram which shows only two bars:
o The actual state & the target state

The actual bar shows how much fuel the car uses at the moment, and classifies it into the following systems:
Motor with used gear, lights, tire pressure, wiper, air conditioner, open window, seat heater and more.

With this classified bar, the fuelsaver shows the driver how much fuel he can save if he e.g. turns of the air conditioner, use another gear or inflate the tires.

The second bar shows the optimum which the driver could reach.

To realize the fuelsaver, the system has to be connected to all the systems I mentioned before. In addition, it has to calculate how much fuel the driver could save if he follows the instructions of the fuelsaver.
Idea submitted: 13.05.2010
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Hi its nice idea..expectn an app based on it User3148
Hi :) i meant if YOU would implement that as an app :) User2777
cool! can you implement that? User2777
nice app. User2852
This is a very good idea in my oppinion! I like the effort you put into presenting your ideas! Great job and creative idea! User2776
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Hi mo.. Thx for visiting my profile, am expecting ur valuable comments too.Keep looking fwd for it User3148
do you have conding skills mo? It would be cool to see one of your great ideas as an app! User2776
i like the way aour are presenting your ideas! Good job! User2776
hi mo!! I've seen your ideas and i've to say that pictures and pdf are much apreciated. Thanks for your work!! :) User2830
hi at all! I will add an short introdution with more pictures to the most of my ideas, so you can get some more information about my ideas. User2935
Welcome Mo! Enjoy the contest! User2776
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