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when you are drinking , eating ,talk to your partner or anything that make you don't watch your front ... & the front car brake ,ecu of front car send "brake !" to your ecu car and your car will brake automatically .you can off this option or on this..
Idea submitted: 17.05.2010
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Good thing, but what to you are thinking about additional features of the app? A good cause of thougt is perhaps a voice reminder who taks with the driver e.g. say: Hey stop talking and look ahead ;) User2997
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your english is fine Mammad! I think that erveryone understands your ideas and comments - so keep them coming :) User2776
hey everybody ...my english isn't good so i'm sorry 4 that ! User2882
yah, you should come up with either apps or ideas for apps :) User2776
I´m fine. visit my first app idea and comment...thanks:) User2852
Iran, wow! Good to have you here dude! User2776
Hi Mammad! Nice to meet you here )) User2958
Good luck with your coding, any questions just ask. I'll be glad to help where i can. . .Good luck! User2837
hello mammad, how are you? User2852
I am located in Munich and right now its 1:40 p.m. :) where are you from? User2776
i can not contribute for two reasons: first i am a part of the contest team and second my coding skills are zero :-) User2776
that would be fantastic if you would submit an App! Good luck! User2776
hi Mammad, welcome to our community! are you going to code an app? :) User2776
thanks for your comment mammad :) User2830
And when you will meet other car with the lights on you will be blinded and go into the first tree, right? User2879
ooooooo.....damn ! i can't work with flash ! User2882
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