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Trveller eyes
When you are driving in vacations you pass trough beautiful landscapes, monuments, cities and events, but you can´t look to them because you must be concentrated on road.
And sometimes you can´t stop the car to see them.

Travelers eyes is a multi-lens camera (like Google heart capture camera) in your car.
The camera captures the images and store them in a hard drive.
When you get home you can remember your trip with the images.
Idea submitted: 22.06.2010
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Yes, is based on googles car to make 360º pictures from your travels. User2852
Is like google's car for make google street view? :) A curious idea User2830
The camera have multilens, so she takes pictures all around 360 view. You only must charge on a button and shoot. User2852
This is something that Ive experienced, would be very useful User3237
Interesting! If it\'s a Video Camera, in home we can enjoy a virtual tour! User2899
Gud idea, Camera is always on & it take photos always or we can control it? User3148
Please give your opinion and questions. User2852
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Hi my frnd, Thx for ur support & valuable comments.Wish u good luck & all the best.Hope we can keep in touch each other.Thx once again my frnd. User3148
Thx for your comment Marguis! User3237
Hi marguis, Thx for ur comments my frnd. User3148
Hi Marguis, Thx for your commtens! User3193
Congratulations, most active member at the BMW contest! User2838
Thank you very much for your comment Marguis :) User2830
Hi marguis!! I've updated my "alcoholimeter" could you check and comment it?? Thanks! :) User2830
Hi marguis! Thanks for your comment :) you could make an application that immobilize the car if you are exceeding the rate. But that would serve? If you are really drunkeness, but want to drive, directly lie to the application and go. So I think it is better to recommend not to drive, inform him the potential consequences, and let him to decide (at the end, always be the driver to decide, not a machine that does not know whether lie or not :) User2830
thanks Mammad. User2852
congratulation ! User2882
Hi Marguis! User2895
Ok. But this idea could be applied with software / app tecnologie to crontrol the air system. User2852
Hey I thought we were only to design apps on system not change the actual car, because from what I can assume, your "fresh seat" idea (though brilliant) isn't software/appsob User2840
thanks for your comment marguis :) User2830
hi marguis i think ur idea will be useful in our hot countries (Egypt) User3047
yo, welcome pyros :) User2852
Hi marguis! Do you remember the comment you left me in "the VW guard" app? It was about the possibility of temporarily stop the appn if you don't want to be disturbed for a while (because you're hurry for example). Well, in my 2nd update I've decided to add it. I hope it is as you thought. A greeting and thanks for the idea! :) User2830
i'm fine thanx ...how r u ? User2882
Thanks for your evaluation Marguis!! It's only a beta version, so if you have any suggestion about, please tell me!! :) User2830
Thanks for the message!! And your ideas?? I want to comment your work!! :D User2830
Thanks for your comment marguis! Can't wait to see your ideas & apps. . . User2837
Hi Marguis! User2879
thanks for your comment marguis :) User2830
hi marguis . User2882
hi, nice to see you here! bests! User2893
Hi Marguis, thank you for joining this competition! This is a place to meet like minded people. Thank you for giving us some insight into your work. Are you planing to give us some insights into your creative ideas for an app or are you coding one? User2776
http:pedroregadas.frequale.com User2852
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