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Message in a Bottle [UPDATED]
The idea behind this app is to drop an arbitrary message at any location. Like a message in a bottle. If one of these digital "bottles" is in range (5 km), the message can be received and read.
App submitted: 26.06.2010
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Curious but somehow very engaging! Nice graphics. User3194
guess so, too. Think it could be interesting in this whole geocaching movement context. User2842
This app could be very fun!! I guess the application is aimed at passengers and not the driver, right? :) User2830
could be good fun :) User3237
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Hi derbase! Thanks for your answer! Yes I use URLLoader. My webspace hoster is strato and has php ;-) but my package does not include CURL so I tried to use a free hoster (http://www.freewebhostingarea.com/). This hoster includes php and curl but I found out that is does not allow to configure the crossdomain.xml. So at the moment I installed an Apache server at home and use this one. At the moment I works fine except that it is very slow. User2858
Hi derfbase! I read at your Radarfallen app that you used a php proxy to access data from another sandbox (http://xmlrpcflash.mattism.com/proxy_info.php). I used the same script and configured a crossdomain.xml in the same folder on the server as the proxy.php script. My crossdomain script is structured as follows: <?xml version="1.0"?> <cross-domain-policy> <allow-access-from domain="*" to-ports="*"/> </cross-domain-policy> I try to connect to the proxy script with var requestOnline:URLRequest = new URLRequest(www.ProxyPath.de + "?url=" + "www.SyteIwantToAccess.de); but I cannot get It work. Could you give me a tipif I did something wrong? Thank you very much! User2858
very neat, how does it pull in data from the net? User3237
nice idea....pretty sure that it would be useful....though not many people would like to get distracted while driving but obviously very nice when it comes to idle drivers. User3213
i just recogniced that all your apps do have the same style - very very cool, I like that! User2776
Hi derfabse, am arun and a member in the contest community.I welcomed u and same time i invite u for visit my profile and write me ur feedbaks & comments.Its highly appreciated User3148
Hi derfabse!! I can't see your app working, so when VW provide you a proxy could you tell me? Your app sounds good!! :) User2830
Neat plugin. Should be worthwhile to take a deeper look into jTalk, as festival by itself is multilingual. Maybe can even be used together with mbrola. User2853
Howdy, nae bother. I'm fiddling on this particular distraction thingy. I'll let you know, when when I come to a solution. User2853
I was thinking in a similar app!! nice job! :) User2830
Super contribution derfabse! Show us some more of your talent! :) you rock dude! User2776
Good to have you here derfabse! Make us happy with some nice apps and cool ideas :) Hope you like the platform! User2776
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