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Be a bear
This app visualizes you actual speed in an illustrative way. (With the actual driving profiles you have to set the speed manually: DisplayedVehicleSpeed).

This app was realized by one of our partners. Many thanks to Mango Design.

Sorry for having the text in German. We first decided not to publish it, but changed out mind.
This app will not participate in the contest.
App submitted: 20.05.2010
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Cool design. I like how the bear is running. User3271
But does it have any sense?! User3319
funny but where is the big idea behind User3288
I love the bear graphic, very clean ! User3237
Clever, simple, nice! Only downside I can foresee is that you naturally want to see the next (faster) figure, i.e. it encourages you to drive faster than perhaps you would otherwise. What sort of graphics could be implemented to achieve the opposite effect, namely reward to lifting off the gas pedal a bit? User3194
I really liked the graphics of the app.. User3186
It's a really nice app! What I like most is that the "fuel" consumtion of the cheetah is the same at 100km/h and 250km/h :-) User2858
Woooo i love this. Could image some subkind Apps of this. e.g. <250km/h :"Now you can lift up", showing some plane. Or some historical speeds, first car.. User2815
Uouu.. It´s like a teddy bear! amazing interface! i like it! ;) User3067
A clever concept within a very slick looking app User3036
Amazing, great interface! User2997
I love this one! User2777
beautiful! User2842
amazing! funny idea and cool graphical layout! User2776
How can I sqy...it's wonderful!! A beautiful interface... :) User2830
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Peter, about app "Please Remember", when I had the idea had not more time to develop, so I put the simulation. User3113
As the contest comes to an end we want to say many thanks to all of you! Thanks for great Apps and really interesting ideas. I think it will be hard for the jury to come to a decision. Lets see… Thanks again! User2838
Hi sir, Thanks for you and all other volkswagen peoples work behind this contest.You peoples gives us a great chance to submit our ideas & concepts.We peoples never get a platform like this.This contest is mostly concentrated in infotainment only.I hope in future you may giveus a chance to submit our ideas in the field of autmotive.Thx once again to all of u. User3148
Hello Peter. Thanks for your feedback. I already published the application based on the idea FreeLoc. Have you already tried? Thank you! User2891
Thank you for the "Altitude" profile. It resembles the situation of driving in a traffic jam so I use it for my app "JamRadar" sending traffic jam information to Twitter. I uploaded a new version of the app that includes a small manual showing up at the beginning. Unfortunately the whole communication with the Twitter API does not work if the app runs in a browser. But it works when you start it from the Volkswagen App Player running in a standalone Flash player on a local machine. So maybe you can grab the SWF file I uploaded and see the whole thing working on a local machine. Best regards. User2932
Hi Peter, Thanks for continuos support & comments.Your comments & suggestions are very valuable for us.Thanks again User3148
thanks for your comments.. Yes design is something I don't much care about. But I will definitely work on my design in my future app , Yes the Read it to me app does have a TTS. Thanks again User3186
Hi Peter! Thanks for your comment :) User2830
Hi! Thanks a lot for your comment. In my opinion these apps have completely different tasks (News, travel guide, traffic information...). Furthermore, I think the big deal about apps is just to have one task in focus and do best at this specific requirement. (The RSS Reader should probably have a configuration menu to select a feed URL anyway...). I think combining too many things in one app make it unnecessarily complicated - either I want to have a tour guide, hear news or see speed traps. (Combining them seems to be pointless to me but would be quite simple). User2842
Hallo again I strongly improved my Engine-App! It uses a new spiffy algorithm that integrates the fuel consumption over a distance instead of the consumption data amount, for a better eco-level. Apart from a new interface, options and also a new power display to show the PS amount you currently drive. I hope a wider range of users now enjoy the app. User2815
Hello sir, As per ur comments i try to work in new ideas & apps that related to infotainment system.Am still expecting ur reviews and valuable comments.Thx once again to visit my ptofile User3148
Hey, just to let you know. Since I had some extra time in my hands I updated Foursquare Tips with on screen keyboard, search feature and the bigger scroll bar handle you suggested. User3104
Thanks Peter. Do you see my ideas too? User2852
hi sir, Thx for visiting my page.I expect ur suggetions & comments. User3148
Thank you for your feedback. I tried to keep the scroll bar size as big as possible without compromising the font size of the content too much. I see what I can do. User3104
Hi Peter, I will try to implement this idea. I am also an programmer but at the end of this month I got serious deadline, after that maybe :). I hope that user called max-e will do it before!. Regards User3117
Hallo, yes some different driving profiles would be nice to test, is there a way to switch them? Oh and just as a suggestion to the API , some global variables such as vehicle mass, max velocity, max Power, gas fueled would be spiffy, nothing crucial! And yes I'm pretty much into this engine topic I write my exams in July hehe, thus the engine map might be a bit geeky, even though i reduced it, but I 'm trying on some easier things at the moment! User2815
Hi Peter! I've updated my VW guard again. I've implemented your ideas about the movement that you told me, so if you can check and comment it...Thanks! :) User2830
Thanks for the feedback! I've added the thumbnails! User2842
Hi Peter. I've added some funcitonalities to meu beta app, take a look: Stop Suggest (http://www.app-my-ride.com/profile/index/mode/app-details/appId/76) Thnks! User3040
ok i understand although a few of the ideas i wrote about are app and im intrested to see what type of app your company is intrested in also ive read you terms and conditions so any idea i have put up in this contest since you told me none are in the realm of the contest rules are my intellectual property. User3079
Hi to all! Please read the information given in the “Contest” section. We are looking for apps for a future infotainment system and only for this. Using the data we provide with the tooling. No new sensors, no new car-layout, no new cameras, no new car names, no new seats, …. User2838
Hello Peter Oel. Thank your for your comment on my app! Today I started to change the design of it, but layouting the app with CSS of Flex is messing me. So I will make some further improvements the next days. User2858
Hey Peter, thats a good idea...i'm debatte with myself how to implent a prototype without the possibilty of communication... :) User2945
Hello Peter oel, The aap its a tracking device on car with a code or a gps location in communucation with your mobile phone or other detectection device like car key. Thanks for the comment, and I hope it answers your questions...:) Thanks. User2852
Movements to the avatar sounds good. But the little space we have for the application does not leave many options. To get something flashy, should give the avatar independently. That is, generate a flash just for the avatar and embedded in the application, but I think that he had more work than the application itself. Anyway, I will investigate possible solutions and if I find something, I'll comment you :D User2830
Through the internet portal businesses that want to provide the discounts will do their registration and listings. Users will also form groups asking for discounts in certain products. The app will include only the coupons and discounts and the directions to the shop that offers them accompanied with the button mechanism for sending the coupon codes to the mobile phone of the car owner. User3007
Unfortunately apart from the ideas and my passion for new technologies i have no knowledge in software development. I have loads of ideas for useful apps but i cant implement them. User3007
Hi Peter, Thank you for your comments. It could be a community for missing persons and children. You could browse previous missing children posters but most importantly organizing the parents to be ready for such an unfortunate event. When someone initializes the app he must complete a form with details of the description of their kids. This description together with the photo will form a ready to print poster which could be emailed with a press of a button to all local authorities plus email accounts of relatives and friends. Also an alert to all VW owners near the area where the child reported missing will announced through the app. User3007
Hi Peter, I've seen your message and I thought it was a good idea! So I have started to implement it this morning and ... voilà! I've also developed an idea that gave me Marguis user, a button to stop temporarily and resume the application later. A greeting and thanks again! User2830
hello again! as recommended to me, I've updated the application "The VW agent" with animations. If you think I should improve other aspects, please, tell me, ok? User2830
Hi Peter!! First of all, thanks for your comment :). About animate my app, I was thinking the same!! RIA app's must be more..."funny" could be the word?? My app's are very static, so I will try to upgrade it with some animations. Cheers and thanks for suggestion!! User2830
Hello Peter, thanks for visiting my profile! Are you going to add some apps or ideas as well? Great contest!! User2923
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