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Birds On Line
This is just something nice to look at, for your children, for yourself, for anyone.

4 birds sitting "on line" are moving depending to your driving style! Lateral acceleration, steeringwheel angle, braking pressure, turnsignal lever and kickdown are taken in account and pushing the birds.

To be honest I think this will look far more hilarious when your are really sitting in your car steering to the right and all Birds are moving to the left, just like your mates in the back! HA! :)

App submitted: 26.05.2010
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Absolutely! Try "Altitude" and forward to the middle of the recorded stream... User2777
super cool with the new driving profiles! User2776
nice /////app User3175
Thanks! @Peter_Oel only lateral acceleration is used, the side movement is controlled by the steering wheel angle, the lateral acceleration had too short signals, the birds would have started moving when it was already too late. Even though i tried that in the first place. The blinking is added now! @ Stefan_Henze I used a lot of coded tweens for the side movements, without the birds looked a bit cracked up hehe. The forward and backward movements are fixed tweens in the timeline. @X-by-light I'm studying industrial design and automotive engineering, programming is just a hobby, but thanks! User2815
Great, funny, entertaining! It never ceases to amaze me what a high standard of graphics are achieved by so many programmers here. User3194
The turn signal is now included the best way to test it is to manually send the event: -1, 1 or 0 User2815
I like this birds!! :D Very funny app for long travels hahaha User2830
funny one! Very cool! Congrats User2776
This is a nice one! Congratulations max-e! User2778
ha ha! Great. And smooth movement of the birds! User2777
very coll app...congratulations i love it :) User2852
Congratulations! Wow! Have you used both: lateral and longitudinal acceleration? You could use the turn signal as twinkling. User2838
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Hi max-e! Thanks for your comment :) You have all the reason with blur effect. I'll look for another hidden effect :), See you!! User2830
I just updated the Engine App! A major change, many new features, please review! User2815
Hi max-e! It was no big problem. There are really many tutorials in the web and papervision3d comes with some examples and a good documentation. I used flex framework and after some minutes I got my first 3D scene working ;-) User2858
Hi max-e my frnd, am arun and a member in the contest community.I welcomed u and same time i invite u for visit my profile and write me ur feedbaks & comments.Its highly appreciated User3148
Hi max-e, try to imagine the driaver that is allways first on the lights "soul of the car" should be styled to XXI ctry (like the end of the intro) and eco driver should be styled to regular intriguing stuff. of course most of the drivers will be in between. I am also a coder (a bit busy in the moment), but I am looking forward for your version of the "soul"! User3117
Cool apps! Improve them. There’s a lot of potential making one of the top apps! User2838
hi max-e, of course apply this idea. I tought about this kond of style: http://tiny.pl/htdft Of course touchable and growing slowly. That Zosia (my doughter) is able to recognize differences. This could be call SOUL OF THE CAR :) User3117
Good to have you back again! User2776
Waahh back now finally, have work on some new Apps ;D User2815
HC, is it you? User2997
since your first app was very cool i am wondering if you are coding another one? :) User2776
Works great! Was it hard to understand the developers kit and to get into coding for it? User2785
Just uploaded the first App, I hope no major bugs and that this works. Thanks for asking. User2815
how is your coding max-e? any progress? :) i am excited for this app User2776
Hi max-e! Welcome to the App my Ride Contest! i am one of the contest managers and if you need help etc. feel free to post on my wall! Enjoy the competition! User2776
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