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Roadworthy after alcohole consumption
Imagine leaving a party after a long night. you had a few drinks, but not too much. so you are pretty unsure, if you are allowed to drive your car or not. What about having an app, where you enter your height, age, weight and your alcohol consumption(e.g. 2 x beer each 0,5 liter and alcoholic strenght 4,9 %, 1 shot 2 cl a 33 % alcohol strenght, etc.) After calculating your alcohol level, the app tells you if you are allowed to drive. if you are too drunk, the app will indicate the time it takes until you are roadworthy again :)
Idea submitted: 09.05.2010
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OK for a bit of fun, but not a practical tool. Simple rule: Drink OR drive! User3194
yea pretty useful. How about an Alarmclock waking you up when you are able to drive again :P User2815
pyros got to make a good app for this idea! ;) Is as if you were in the same workgroup! :D It's amazing what you can do in a competition, and so little time! Imagine all this applied in daily work group .. Amazing so many brilliant minds! ... ;) User3067
Nevertheless a nice gimmick - Surely funny for your drunken co driver.. :D User2997
Nice idea in theory but I don't think VW would put their name to anything that might suggest that they condone having a couple of beers then going for a drive. Also, you can now buy cheap pocket beathalysers that would provide a quicker and more accurate result. User3036
good idea, but sounds funny! the main idea is NOT DRIVE IF YOU DRANK!just it. how will you sure that input data are corrects ? User2970
HAHAHA nice one Baschi :p User2776
If you are stilled allowed to drive, the app can show the way to the next bar :D User2945
HI. I just added my first app. Nothing spectacular. But now I'm in flash and the next one is in progress :-) User2858
yaya, don't drink and drive - I completely agree! :) User2776
i already have such an app on my nokia for month. btw don't drink and drive anyway User2945
good idea ! User2882
Great idea... User2852
haha yes Lars, that would be nice as well haha - but don't make it too complicated, as someone who drank has to make sure he is able to make the data input :) User2776
Lol... sounds funny. You could also include the consumption of food in your calculation. One pair of Bavarian veal sausage and a pretzel would subtract something of the value. User2858
very good idea!! An app of that could be fantastic! User2830
you're right. anyways there are still some countries where the alcohol limit is not cero ;-) User2776
In some countries this idea won't make any difference as the alcohol limit allowed is 0! User2879
good idea, could be very helpful!! User2923
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Hi sevennine, Thx for your effort & support.We miss you from 2moro onwards.Hope we can keep in touch each other in future too.Thx once again my frnd, if any of my words hurt u, am really sorry, itss not purposefully. User3148
Hi my frnd, Hope none of my words hurt u & am happy to see at last from u in the final moments of this contest.With pleassure thx once again my frnd User3148
Hi sevennine! As well know tomorrow is the last day of the contest :-( Do you exactly know when it will finish? Is it 30.June 12 p.m. with german timezone? Sorry for that question but I am on my last app at the moment and I need every minute! Thanks! User2858
Thanks for your welcome sevennine! Yeah, I know that I've been lost these days, but now here I am again!! Looking new and good ideas, and if I hav time enough with a new app! :) User2830
hi seven nine, As you are a part of contest team, i send a request few days back " regarding a speling correction". Even till now i didnt get a +ve replay or -ve replay. Its so sad and i had looked most of the participents profile, you welcomed all of thum.But i didnt see any a welcome message from you in my profile. I dono why it is?.As a participent i felt sad on this matter. User3148
hey hey ;) User3289
just to clarify again - i am excluded from prices, as i am a part of the contest team :) User2776
hi sevennine, I just apploaded a new app.Pls hav a look on it comment me. User3148
hi sevenine, I just send a new idea with comment, but in my comment i got a spelling mystake instead of system i type "SYETEM". I would like to correct it, but i couldnt hope you can correct it.If you can do it please. User3148
Thanks for your comment :) User3237
I just checked their website but dont see any reference to it unfortunately, maybe they dont keep archives:( ... but I think it was on the 15th or 16th, as as soon as I read it, I registered lol. :). Btw, just uploaded an app, pls take a look and let me know what you think, cheers User3237
Hi Sevennine79, It was the metro newspaper (in london), about last week or so, (over a month after the competition began lol).. but better late than never :) Please look out for my app or two that I'll hopefully submit today/tomorrow.! User3237
Hi sevennine79! Do you know exactly what kind of car was used to generate the driving profiles? I assume that it is Golf VI with a 2.0 TDI engine? It would be very nice if you could figure it out for me, because I need this info for the finetuning of the next app. I will also ask Stefan Henze because I don't know who is the right contact person. Thanks! User2858
Thanks for the hints. I'm a bit astonished, but this might explain why I can't see some of the apps at all on my Mac. The flash engines still differ on different machines / browsers. User2853
Thanks for the quick response. I will definitely have a look on it. By the way: I'm not sure about putting more work on this app chooser thing. I could submit an idea with a whole concept for social network, security, customer relationship, and implementation for transport/taxi companies. But I feel, this would be quite over the top of this contest, wouldn't it? User2853
Hi sevennine. Will the new SDK come online today, as announced? User2853
thanks a lot :-) User2842
Hallo there. I just updated my Engine-App. It now includes a help screen that explains the map and has a feature to even hide the map to just displays the 2 bars (eco and power). I hope it is now more user-optimized and more obvious. User2815
Hi 79!! I really thank you by your help! I appreciate, so much! I'm waiting for the new sdk and i hope that i finish my app at time! Hugs! User3040
for all coders out there: by June 16th we provide you with an updated SDK! :) User2776
Hey sevennine79 I built a small app and submitted. Could you please evaluate and give some feedback. User3186
actually i would love to build some apps and try out my creativity. Do leave some comments on my ideas User3186
Already fixed it. The camera position in the online version seems to be different. Now you can "browse" apps and playlists properly User2853
Hi 79! Thank you. I'm waiting for the sandbox issue fix too. I've sent an e-mail to Stefan Henze and he already anwered me that will fix it, but it was almost 2 weeks ago. I'm in a stack. :( Regards! User3040
Hi sevennine, I like your idea but it is -under some legislations - not as easy to tell "if you are allowed to drive". Example: in Germany you are allowed to have 0,5 Alcohol in Blood if you behave "normal". But if you show alocohol related "noticable problemes", then its as well illegal to drive, if you are above 0,3 and you can lose your driving licence for it. So telling someone it is "save to drive" is no good idea at all. You can say (in Germany) that he should be below the limit he will be fined for shure if caught - but no more. Maybe in your home country everything is different. User3166
Hi sevnnine, thx for visitng my profile.i expecting ur valuable comments also.Its highly appreciated User3148
@quetwo: Apps will be deployed on touch-sensitive screens. About the target flash player version I don't know anything, but i will try to get some information by next week. Pushing back data to the GPW/Map is not possible in the SDK right now and we are not planning to provide this service. I hope this helped. Enjoy the contest! User2776
I had a quick question. Do you know if these apps will be deployed on touch-sensitive screens (I'm assuming that is what a VW would have if these apps would be deployed on it)? Do you know the target Flash Player version that we should be using? (10.0? 10.1?) Finally, do you know if there are or will be any APIs that are available where we can 'push' data back to the GPS/Map system? For example, if I have an address I wish to map to, or if I want to draw a pushpin onto the map. Thank you! User2789
Such a long name renders your fingers pained when you have to fill up forms required by governmental regulations. :) User3049
You have all the reason sevennine is thas I was in a hurry and I couldn't make any logo, so looked for something really descriptive. Today I have not had much time, but I left a real logo. Thanks! :) User2830
up2terms now ;) User2945
Hi sevennine thanks for your comment :)! Well, it's a first version, which was mainly looking for simplicity in the app. In later versions, I will add an advanced mode where you can put what you say. Thanks for your suggestion!! :D User2830
hi, manikantannaren is a clubbing of two words in my name. by the way my name is composed of 6 words. User3049
and thanks for the comment and question ;)best. User2852
Hello sevennine. The system must be connected to teh air conditioned car system and is controled by an app on central pannel. you could program the seat to pré-fresh the seat, turn on / off more or minus fresh. User2852
only app must submit ? User2882
oh!! Thank you very much dude!! :) User2830
Thanks for your comment sevennine!! And you will implement your idea?? It would be a very nice app!! User2830
Hi, sag mal gibt es noch mehr Klassen von diesem Developers Kit? um evtl mit mehr und verschiedeneren Daten zu Arbeiten? Oder ist das alles was man bekommen kann? User2973
Thanks for the comment. User2852
Thanks for your comments! I was wondering how text input works in the concept...? User2842
Another profiles!! Fantastic!! It could appear too many and better app's!! :) User2830
HI. I just added my first app. Nothing spectacular. But now I'm in flash and the next one is in progress :-) Lars User2858
fixed the small bug in the GTI trackdays app, check it out and let me know... User2837
Can you adjust the car's speed through the cruise control interface?? Cause i can get the current setting of the cruise control but can't make the car to keep at the cruise control's setting?? Thanks. . . User2837
I experienced the same problem. You have to wait awhile for it to complete loading or you have to click send a few times in a row for your message to appear. User2837
apparently, when you open several windows in the browser, it let alone write in some of them :) User2830
seven... I have a problem when I leave a message. I write it, and then click on send. But it doesn't appear!! :( What happen?? User2830
i'm in iran ! 4:15PM ! User2882
what time is it over there ? User2882
what about u ? are you going to code an app? User2882
i'm trying to learn coding a app ... User2882
if I have any time, sure I do some more. I love flex!! :P and I have some ideas that may be nice. See you!! User2830
Hi seven! First of all thanks for yout comment :) but I don't know what's "CAN data" :( User2830
I understand. User2879
What do you understand by an "app"? User2879
Roland, I have submitted some ideas yesterday about some possible names for future VW cars, but my friend Hans deleted them for not being part of this contest purpose. However I am wondering the "Other category" what does it mean? It says there "all of your ideas and apps are more than welcome", doesn't it? Please put back my ideas ans show a more open minded side than Hans, who surely lacks imagination. Also if you agree with Hans, that;s all right with me. I will send a mail directly to Volkswagen and ask for their opinion. And if they agree with you that's all right as well. User2879
hi sevennine, you and your team did a really great job! I think this contest will burn!!! User2877
yay. first step: think, the second: implement. I am just a little bit afraid that I can't develop what I thought - just don´t have too much time, but I´ll try. c ya! User2886
thanks! im not really a developer, just wondering if i can use it well... User2893
Hi Roland! User2879
Hey hello super tanks for the comment. good to have you here too. User2885
Hello, and tahnks for welcome. Igone try to give some ideas to the competition....:) let´s work:) User2852
:O sorry, I did not know you were part of the staff. The truth is that my main interest is the student prize. Able to work on app's for my scirocco would be incredible! hahaha User2830
Hi 79, i`m write some ideas, so i'll draw some screens when i have some free time. Cheers! User2870
Well... I'm working in one app that could be very interesting, but I don't have enough time :( I have too many exams and I can program at night only so it will be very difficult submit my app... And you? Are you working in something? Cheers! User2830
Yes a big Montreal fan, I am very green you may notice some recyclable thinking. User2869
ups some spelling mistakes in my earlier message: i am a member of the contest team :) so - if you have any questions etc. please let me know! User2776
Thanks for your comment sevennine!! I suspect that great things will come out of here :) Enjoy the competition too! User2830
hello sevennine79 ! Nice to see you again:) User2796
Dear Contestants, I am a member of the contest community. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me anytime! I would also like if you give me some feedback on the platform itself. Enjoy the competition! User2776
Hello Roland :-) User2775
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