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Public-Transport Journey-Planner for traffic avoidance, as part of an in-car GPS system.
The next step for Personal Navigation Devices should be to include a Public-Transit option. A user who is stuck in traffic should be able to press a button on their GPS device to “complete my journey by public transit”. The device can calculate an ETA if the user carried on by car. It can compare with an ETA if the driver chose to switch to public transport. The device can direct the user to the nearest suitable car-park to catch a particular train or bus. It can navigate the person, by foot, to the bus or train stop from the car park. It can inform the user which bus number they require, or which train time & platform. It can provide a journey-plan of where to change connections, how to reach the final destination and then how to find their way back to the car again! There are various retail sites that it could interact with, to purchase tickets and present these as a bar-code for travel. All this technology is available and is being used, although is not currently unified in such a manner.
PND suppliers need their devices to interact with a public transit journey planning service. By sending the user’s current location and destination to the Jeppesen Journey Planner API, the user will be able to receive a personalised public transit journey on their PND. They will then have the choice of continuing by car or abandoning the congested roads to complete their journey by train and make their flight on time.
The benefits to the PND Service Provider are:
• A higher quality and more comprehensive service for customers, making their devices more attractive and competitive
• The opportunity to sell their customers additional subscription-based services for public transit planning.
• Promoting public transit options enhances the PND provider’s green credentials.
The provision of public transit journey plans through PNDs will benefit the supplier, the customer and the environment.
Journey planning tools are enjoying an explosive growth in usage. This growth is driven by many factors:
• The existence of real-time data which means the traveller may check their journey status many times
• The ubiquity of mobile computing and the software-as-a-service delivery model which makes journey planning engines available to anyone anywhere
• Increased use of public transit services, resulting from high fuel costs, traffic congestion and environmental concerns
Public transit journey planning was once provided only by transport operators who wished to encourage travel on their services. It is now however, a commodity; a core feature for businesses as diverse as Search Engines, Online Travel Agents and Telecom Service Providers. These new entrants will make money from subscriptions, advertising and added-value location-based services related to the knowledge of the customers movements.
Idea submitted: 12.11.2010
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Public-Transport Journey-Planner for traffic avoidance, as part of an in-car GPS system.
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