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Driver Seating Presets
This car will be fitted with 10 preset buttons numbered 0-9. Owner of the car can sit in drivers seat and for the first time can adjust steering height and angle, Seat Height, Width and Angle to his/her optimal position and can press any button from 0-99 and click SAVE to save his settings. The owner of the car can have 100 settings to be saved like this for his family members who will be driving this car. Any person in the family need to just remember their saved preferences number and enter into the console and click ACTION. The seat and steering will align to the saved settings.

FUNCTION SAVE(seat-height,seat-width,seat-angle,steering-height,steering-angle)

This function saves the user setting onto on-board memory chip when clicked SAVE to be retrieved when user clicks ACTION.

This feature will save lot of time for drivers to makes adjustments everytime they start their car and also give them optimal driving positions at all times.

Anand Kumar Gummadi
Senior Project Manager, Infosys
Idea submitted: 17.10.2010
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Driver Seating Presets
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