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The Bible accounts for hundreds of millions of dollars in annual sales. More than big books like J.K. Rowlings Harry Potter books or Stephanie Myers' Twilight series.

Hundreds of thousands worldwide read the Bible daily and deeply desire that it be integrated into their daily lives.

MyRide:bible makes it easy to "hear the Word of God" whenever you drive. It creates an in car worship experience through fully dramatized audio readings of scripture in full Volkswagen surround sound. It allows one to fully search scripture for keywords, phrases, and themes through voice activated commands. Speak your thoughts and MyRide:bible surrounds you with scripture audibly. Speak your thoughts and MyRide:bible captures them building digital spiritual journal. Sync your online Facebook and Twitter contacts so MyRide:bible can share daily inspiration you'd like to forward. Want to know what the Bible says about money? Speak "tell me about money" and hear scripture results.

People are tired, stressed, and time starved. MyRide:bible allows drivers to leverage their commute times spending it focused on God, meditation, and prayer. Have you ever committed yourself to read through the entire Bible only to get stuck in Leviticus and quit? MyRide:bible allows you to set up your own audio plan to "hear through the Bible" at your pace while driving.

No CD's to fumble, no looking off the road to determine which CD it is you need to insert. No fast forwarding or skipping ahead. Simply speak and hear. Capture your thoughts. Share your thoughts. Engage with scripture as you drive. It's an experience. One sure to change your life. Available in the worlds most popular Bible translation - New International Version (NIV).

MyRide:bible... maybe you're just curious. Check it out and hear it like never before. Who knows. Maybe it will change your drive time... and your life.
Idea submitted: 23.07.2010
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