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Smart phone interface
As a result of in car radios finding it difficult to keep up with the pace of technological development of external personal systems (ie mp3 players), modern in car sound systems would now be expected to have an mp3 input as standard.

I would expect a similar path to be taken for in car applications.
If a in car system could act as the interface to smart phones (touch screen as well as display) all the innovation of phone apps/games/communications could be piped direct into the in car system (central console, seat backs)

If a smart phone was the carrier of the app and network connection, it would remove many of the obstacles of keeping up to date with app upgrades and hardware performance.

There are already many communication/location based apps available, I fear to replicate these would always appear a little inadequate and out of date.

Perhaps a longer term question is how can the car interact with a phone, not only in term of a smart phone interface, but also as a supplier of remote sensor information, eg vehicle state and performance diagnostics.
Idea submitted: 01.07.2010
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Hi markH, Sory for the late message, thx very much for visiting my profile.Hope u njoyed this competion.Best of luck my frnd User3148
In fact why not run android on a built in a beagleboard with a touch screen. Then a huge and growing number of apps are already there. How far could you drive with the kids in the back playing Angry Birds (An iPhone app to be released on andriod). See http://beagleboard.org/ http://www.linuxfordevices.com/c/a/News/Liquidware-Beagle-Embedded-Starter-Kit/ and many youtube demos User3320
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