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Public Transporation app on board
This nice public transportation app allows to guide me in cities I have never been before with the various public transportation means, like bus, train, tram etc to my destination. No extra time needed to struggle with the various schedules and transportation means in order to find the right connections to my destination in cities downtown.

It will seamless guide me from my car position to the next park&ride place using my build in navigation and downloaded the public transportation schedule to my smart phone from the Volkswagen car navigation system.

And even more: This app also buys online the right ticket and loads the 2-D barcode ticket onto my smart phones based on my travel destination.

Isn't it nice? - No more time lost in from of ticket machines searching for the correct ticket and best price :-)

Enjoy the ride from your car into the cities by this app with public transportation seamlessly linked together.
Idea submitted: 30.06.2010
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Great idea. We have a Public-Transport API which we have been promoting to the GPS companies for exactly the reasons you suggest. jeppesentransit.com User3377
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I'll start with submitting ideas first as my time is limited. Once anybody like the ideas why not implementing next the apps. App development volunteers welcome !!! User3259
A warm welcome SmartVolker! Are you going to code an app or rather submitting ideas for apps? Good luck! User2776
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