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My Lease Car Bot
"My Lease Car Bot" app will run on my leased car and will provide driving tips based on my driving behavior. It will inform me how to improve fuel efficient and how to reduce wear out of the lease car. At the end of the leasing period I'll get bonus payment as the bot has recored and scored the wear out of the car during the leasing period. It helps leasing car companies to better judge the cars wear out based on actual data recorded and instant feedback to the driver with tips, score and possible return payment.

In summary: Real-time and instant feedback on current score and tips to improve car wear. It's it a nice bot?
Idea submitted: 30.06.2010
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I just would like to have such an app if I would lease a 60 horse power car ;-) User2858
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I'll start with submitting ideas first as my time is limited. Once anybody like the ideas why not implementing next the apps. App development volunteers welcome !!! User3259
A warm welcome SmartVolker! Are you going to code an app or rather submitting ideas for apps? Good luck! User2776
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