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Data Centre
Any app has options, settings etc. The more apps there are, the more time the driver has to spend time to input the details and data.

An online data centre is required.
Here, information and settings can be inputed and accessed from the web. It is the online interface of the car and the car's apps.

It separates the 'app-my-ride' idea into two parts: the app in the car and the supporting data centre on the web. The two work together. Used in the car, but changed via the internet.

This idea originated from my submitted apps, which often require more than basic car information. This information becomes difficult for a driver to use and change...
For examples to see where this separate data centre is useful, please see my app suggestions:

Route Recaller
Crash Help

Each of these would benefit from a web data centre. The driver can then choose all options, settings and customisations easily and safely.

This solution requires a web site acting as a data centre. It also requires a wireless and constant connection between data centre and car.
Idea submitted: 29.06.2010
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