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Mc Donalds-App
I have the agreement of Mc Donalds(see attachment brief.pdf) since 25.06.2010.
Please, look at the presentation (McApp3.pdf)

almost the same idea at the same time
see: http://www.app-my-ride.com/profile/index/mode/idea-details/ideaId/397

Current status:
+ concept [yes]
+ flash-app (no dynamic offer and no cart) [yes]
+ stateless Webservices by using sun GlasshFish / java [yes]
+ XML-templates [yes/no]
+ php-backend [no]
+ google maps (find restaurant) [no]
= alpha version

Idea submitted: 29.06.2010
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Really nice! I think that is the only idea or app which even incudes an activity diagram! Another evidence that you are an back-end coder ;-) User2858
nice... User2852
Nice presentation of your idea! Thumbs up! User2776
Ah, that's what I had in mind. Now repeat for Burger King, KFC etc Couldn't tell if you included my translation "wish", i.e. how to cope with preparing your request in your mother tongue language and having to deliver it in a different one English to Chinese for example. User3194
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You're welcome stealth :). I know that's so difficult find many bugs (I'm also student of computer science ;) ), so I only see your work without think in this bugs, and I have to say that you have a very good job :) User2830
welcome :) User2852
Hey Community, My name is Alexander and I am student of BA (economics computer science). My hobbies are dancing, playing volleyball, diving, motorcycle riding, and coding ;-) In addition to the studies I've learned Flash. I like to write programs, for example a timetable-updater(writes the schedule into a Google calender) or a managementprogramm Department for movies and music. Unfortunately I have no talent for design and user interfaces. So, I'm a typical back-end programmer. C/C++ & Java 4 ever;-) cu Alexander ################################################## Hey Community, Meine Name ist Alexander und ich bin BA-Student der Fachrichtung Wirtschaftsinformatik. Meinen Hobbys sind tanzen (Formationstanz), Volleyball spielen, tauchen, Motorrad fahren und natürlich coding;-) Neben dem Studium habe ich Flash(Selbststudium) gelernt. Ich schreibe recht gerne Programme, wie zum Beispiel einen Stundenplan-Updater(Dieses Programm schreibt den aktuellen Stundenplan in einen Google Kalender(nützlich für mobile Endgeräte)) oder ein Verwaltungsprogramm für Film- und Musikdateien. Leider habe ich kein Talent für Design und Benutzeroberflächen, weshalb meine GUI's nicht sehr schön aussehen. Ich bin also ein typischer Backend-Programmierer, der seine Konsole vorzieht:-) Meine bevorzugten Programmiersprachen sind C/C++ und Java. Besonders die Zeigerarithmetik in C/C++ interessiert mich. lg Alexander User3193
Welcome, waiting your ideas & apps :) User3150
Welcome Stealth! Good to have you here! HAve fun and good luck! User2776
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