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Crash Help
If the car detects a crash, how can an app help?

It could:
-Create a data record ('black box') of the event, including all the driving data that was available.
-All car cameras (if there are any), photograph the views, to help subsequent vehicle and road position assessments.
-Provide a checklist for a driver, who may be confused and injured. Including what to do (names/phone numbers/call police/insurance details/keep safe) as well as asking if the driver is ok: 'reply to this message...'.
-Transmit data information automatically to insurance/contact person/police etc, eg 'crash detected: severe. Vehicle nr... GPS of current location... please call this number [of driver]...'etc. This data can also be used as a basis for claims, police reports etc.

A crash can be detected by severe acceleration/deceleration, by the car being turned upside-down or with circuit-breakers in the body.

This app is only used infrequently. It therefore should always be switched on. Contact/insurance information etc should be obtained from other input sources (other apps or from an online website or registration service).
Idea submitted: 29.06.2010
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Hi X-by-light, this comment is for 'life mpg'? I have commented there. User2963
Hi Thomas..how would that look for a Hybrid or full electric vehicle? they are coming in the not too distant future. User3194
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