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Nowadays family members and friends are so busy during the day such that they find little time to speak with each other and share emotions. This app (we call it LocaTunes, search for it in app area!) introduces an innovative way of sharing memories and emotions within family circle and friends while traveling with the car.

While driving and listening to music (through the app) the driver can select a music and send it to a person in the contact list of the app. This can be done either through a car to car technology or through a mobile app. Friends and family members can use a mobile app (on a smartphone) to present the car driver (passenger) with a song through the app. The sender can determine at which place (on the map) or at which time he wants the app to inform the driver about the sent song. The parameters taken from the car to determine which songs have to be played or suggested are: Geo Positioning and the driving time.

LocaTunes - our developed app - enables us following scenario:

Mary for example can present her husband with a song (e.g. Lena My Cassette Player) through the car app and ask the car to inform her husband about it when the car reaches a specific geographical place in which they share some memory together. Through the app the husband can also see that Mary is currently on the way thanks to the displayed GPS coordinates.

Another scenario could be the following: When Mary knows that her husband is on the way to return home, she can select a playlist that can be streamed to the car while her husband is driving home.

The main idea of LocaTunes is to use GPS position and the parameter time to enable a unique innovative multimedia experience through car to x communication (x can be another car or a smartphone).
Idea submitted: 29.06.2010
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