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Music Bluetooth Connector
Today modern Smartphones,mobile phones and Mp3 players have the feature to stream music via A2DP technology. It would be cool, if there existed an app for connecting your smart phone/ Mp3 player... with the entertainment system of your car. So you could listen to your favourite music in your car without the need of preparing CDs, SD cards... as it is the case today.
Idea submitted: 06.05.2010
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Ya its true baschi.anyway nice idea User3148
nice idea... User2852
i tried it with my smartphone. you can watch the battery level drop. i think you have to wait for bluetooth 4 which has much more energy efficiency User2945
Good idea! But how long will the mobile phone battery last? User2837
I would definitely use your idea User2778
i am not sure either, but if someone could prepare an app for this idea, i would definitely use this one :) User2776
I'm not sure if this already exists? User2781
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Good luck :) User3150
Hi danny, am arun and a member in the contest community.I welcomed u and same time i invite u for visit my profile and write me ur feedbaks & comments.Its highly appreciated User3148
Hi sevennine. I'm thinking of a cool idea. Give me a few minutes and I'll add it User2781
Hey Denis, welcome to the VW Contest! Show us your creativity and add some cool ideas or even apps! :) User2776
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Music Bluetooth Connector
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