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friend finder
this app is based on car infotainment systems connectivity with the phone. The contacts from the phone could be

loaded on to the infotainment system and using the phone network our contacts could be located on the car

navigation system. This could act as a friend locator.

this could also be integrated with community sites like facebook and friends could be located since most of them

use their mobiles have facebook and other community applications. this feature could be either turned on or off for

privacy sake. people could turn of their discovery and yet find location of other friends in the vicinity.

This app would help people who likes to keep in touch with friends and others who would like to keep to themselves

have an option of disabling this feature.
Idea submitted: 27.06.2010
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hi! its very good idea! Cool! User3008
Hi ejvw, Thx for visitng my profile.Expecting ur suggetions & comments User3148
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