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Enhanced security
This is an application to enhance car and padestrian security. The basic idea of this application is to detect any device that is based on electromagnetic waves or based on network connectivity and then display the details like distance of the device from the car. A more sophisticated version could include using the details to judge the likely movement of the device and compare it with the position of the car and detect if it could be of any threat and alert the driver of the same. These movements and other details could be shown in the infotainment system of the vehicle.

Since these devices are handled by people, this app could warn the driver of crossing pedastrians and other possible pedastrian movements which could pose a threat to life and road safety. This app could be integrated with the vehicle's automaic braking system which will prepare the vehicle for a case of emergency braking.

These details could be displayed on the windshield as a HUD and hence could actually pin-point the location of the likely threat and hence the driver does not have to be distracted from the road while driving. This could help the driver keep his eyes on the road and avoid being distracted.
Idea submitted: 27.06.2010
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