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Safety App
So, no new sensors, no new systems, no future speculation, just a simple function to remind every driver that however many safety systems are installed ultimate safety responsibility comes down to the driver...

When the driver "docks" his/her iPhone into the car the very first App screen that pops up is an organ donor card.

In the even of an accident this app triggers a message to the security services with GPS location, passengers medical basic data (blood group, alergies etc) and in the hopefully unlikely event of death a clear statement of intent concerning organ donation - perhaps to save or improve someone else's life.
Idea submitted: 11.06.2010
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What can I say...Good idea of course!! hahaha :D User2830
This is probably a REALLY stupid question, but what is the in-app system? User3194
you could use the in-app system instead of the iphone. Cool thought it could be a promotion for organ donors. User2815
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Hi X-by-light ... sorry the time was to short to implement some idea of you as an app! Today I uploaded my last app. It is not perfect but I hope you like it anyhow! Thanks for your comments it was a nice time with you at the contest! User2858
Hi my frnd, Thx for ur support & valuable comments. Wish u all the success & good luck. User3148
Hello, thanks for the comment and the link to recaro web site. I really don´t know a existence of a simmilar product like my idea....but i´m glade to have the same idea....:) User2852
I will have a look at your ideas but I am afraind that the time is to short now because there are just three days left :-( User2858
Thanks for your comments!! it was intense, several sleepless nights in between work and watching football lol. User3237
Hi Lars, I've added a few new ideas, any chance of throwing your coding skills at some of them? If I tried myself, I think we would all get a "blue screen" experience :-) User3194
Hi X-by-light! Thank you very much for your detailed comments on my apps! - SpeedLimit: you are absolutely right that actual navigation system are able to show me the speed I am allowed to drive but this was my very first app in flash and I just arrived at home from a trip to Prague and my "old" navigation system didn't have this feature ;-( so that idea came up. - AffectiveMusicPlayer: I implemented a protoype of such a system in my master thesis which has an accuracy of over 90 percent for music genre classification and over 80 percent for emotion classification, but this app just uses "pre-tagged" songs to generate the playlist. My plan for the automode is similar to your suggestion. I hope I will find time to finish it, because I was waiting for the new driving profiles a long time and now I am very busy :-( - FuelStations: max-e made a nice fuel gauge app. (http://www.app-my-ride.com/flash-app/load-in-player/appId/59) Do you mean something like that? I think you don't want to know how much the government is subsidising in fuel tax for each litre or do you want to get very angry at every tank stop :-) Perhaps I should combine my FuelStation app with my AffectiveMusicPlayer app -> if(fuelstop == true) then MusicEmotion = Pleasure ---------------------------- P.S.: No I am not working for Apple :-) User2858
Hi X-by _light, Thx for ur visit & thx for ur valuable comments & suggestions.Thx very much my frnd User3148
Hi X-by-light! Thanks for your comment :). Your idea about donor card rocks! I like it and when I finish my exams, I'll implement it. Thanks!! :). Tonight I'll see your latest works ;) User2830
Hi max-e Thanks for the clarification. Clearly some ideas are better suited to deployment on the car's OEM equipment, especially where there may be some safety-related aspect. Although there are also advantages to having an off-boardable solution. Access to vehicle data shouldn't be a big technical challenge, or even iPhone dependant (via dock connector). Data could be transfered via Bluetooth (not very stable or secure though), WiFi (better) or when UWB starts appearing on phones that would be the best wireless connectivity. User3194
About the in App System: the idea of this contest is, that you have an iphone like App operating system, just not on the actual iphone, but within your car! You can open the APPs in your VW Golf, where also your navigation system runs. The advantage of this is that you can receive car specific data (e.g. is your car light switched on) that you cannot get with your phone. Do you get the idea? User2815
I just added a selection step! Know you can start my app with one ball ;-) User2858
Hi x-by-light, thx or visitng my profile, expecting ur valuable comments too User3148
Hi X-by-light! Thanks for your comment. I will add a configuration step in my app where you can choose how many balls will appear ;-) User2858
Welcome to the contest x-by-light! Hope you like the platform! Cheers! User2776
For those into gaming consoles you could take the (iPhone) interface and play with vehicle dynamic settings at home then when you find the ones that work the way you like, store and take them to the real car. User3194
My wife asked me if it could emulate a break-down (clutch failure etc)! Well of course you could choose any British classic car for that! But seriously, programming in various system failures could help driving instructors teach people how to react under such conditions, with actually having to break the car. The possibilities are endless. User3194
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