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Jam Proxi
Have you ever day-dreamed while in a stop-start traffic jam?
Suddenly, you find you have to apply the brakes sharply?

Have you ever bumped, or been bumped, in a traffic jam?

The Jam Proxi is a safety feature for the car. It is an audio warning of the proximity of the vehicle in front of you, while in a stop-start or slow moving traffic jam.

It is an audio signal to warn you of the close proximity of the car in front. Rather than just a distance measurer, this measures the relative speed and distances of your and their cars, and gives you a warning to pay attention if there is a radical difference in your speeds, a sharp reduction in space between the vehicles due to the other car braking suddenly or if your driving has remained consistent, despite less space and/or speed.

This safety feature is useful for the low speed impacts that frequently occur in slow traffic, where there is a tendency of the drivers' minds to wander.

There is no display required, the alarm is auditory.

The alarm sounds familiar, such as the proximity indicator/alarm used when parking.

This safety feature is only applicable for low speeds, in slow moving traffic, or a traffic jam.

A forward looking distance sensor, combined with speed/driver information will be required as input information to the app.

Extra feature:
The driver behind can also be observed with a proximity sensor. Should it be clear that they are approaching in a rapid and consistent manner, as if day-dreaming, then the car can automatically react. The car brightens the brake lights (and/or tail lights). This slight increase in brightness could 'wake-up' the rear driver, discreetly and safely.
Idea submitted: 10.06.2010
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50km/h! that's fast. This idea would suit a stop-start traffic jam, where the speed is less than, say, 20km/h (where average distances between cars is less than the length of a car). It should automatically start, just as max-e suggests, so switching on and off is not required. At this close proximity, once it automatically switches on (which is speed dependent) the software only requires an external distance-sensor, to use with car speed/acceleration/braking information. User2963
Volvo system only works if you drive very slow (less than 50 km/h ). So this idea could use GPS and car sensors to detect this jams faster :) User2830
that Jamproxi should start immediately when you are in a traffic jam, so you haven't forgotten to switch it on, when it s to late:) User2815
I think Volvo has a system like this already User3194
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Hi X-by-light, this comment is for 'life mpg'? I have commented there. User2963
Hi Thomas..how would that look for a Hybrid or full electric vehicle? they are coming in the not too distant future. User3194
Hello Thomas! I like your ideas! Welcome! User2858
Thank you sevennine79! I'm looking forward to contributing... User2963
Welcome Thomas! Enjoy the contest and the community! User2776
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