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This idea is to develop a system that can control the drivers awakeness. Usually people -who has to make long trips alone- can fall into short sleep while driving. Sometimes driver himself is not aware of these short sleeps. Such evidence are very dangerous for the driver and others on the road.
When a driver fall into sleep, steering wheel starts to turn one way, meanwhile the pressure of the gas pedal decrease too. According to ratio of steering wheelís turn and the amount of lower that gas pedal pressure, it may be possible to determine that the driver has fall into sleep. After that, driver can be warned with a signal and a seat vibration. If the correlation between, wheel movements and gas pedal pressure correctly analyzed, this idea can save a lot of lives in the near future.
Idea submitted: 04.06.2010
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ha a vibrating seat, something new! there are solutions where you have a vibrating steering wheel though. This app would have to run in the background! maybe you could add some sounds or backgroundnoises to keep the driver awake. you could on the other hand try to make an working app for this with the CAN data! User2815
@ pyros : you are right there is a similar idea which tries to detect if the driver is tired by eye blink. @ameti: nice I like the idea to classify the driving style. User2858
I like this idea ameti!!! User3150
I think the idea is good , but it would require a good of research to find out exact parameter values. User3186
I'm not sure, but I think someone already put an idea like this :) User2830
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Thanks for your comment ameti. Tonight I'll see you work. Good luck to you too!! :) User2830
Thank you for reviewing my app... User3186
Hi ameti! Thanks for your comment! User2858
Hi Ameti, your idea is really good. Good luck!!! User3150
Thank you for joining us ameti! Enjoy it! User2776
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