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This really is version 0.0.1 kinda glimpse on the possibilities.
As not to fiddle around too much while driving, you configure your favourite apps on a corresponding website, and just need two clicks, to get your app startet.
At the same time you can play your favourite song lists or internet radio stations in the background.
The idea is, to register your car and all drivers on a website where you can manage all kind of stuff like app lists, play lists, language files etc.
Just try it out.You need to click on Petra and put in the pin code "666666".
You can vary the list of apps on http://yet-another-planet.net.
More detailed information about the whole concept will follow soon.
Have fun!
P.S.: I didn't find a way to get the events dispatched for the loaded app. Any help is most appreciated
App submitted: 06.06.2010
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Interesting concept User3237
Nice idea robertstockamp! Did you use papervision3d for the menu? User2858
I like it too, good luck :) User3150
this one is pretty cool - i like the design and the idea behind it! looking forward to the next version :) User2776
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These are two different strategies: if you want to go for the app prizes, then still work on improvements for the app chooser app. I still find some major bugs - e.g. the coverflow doesn't work on my PC and the icons of the coverflow are cropped at the top (cut in halves). If you want to go for the prize "best idea" then hand in your concept. no matter if it is over the top or not, if the jury thinks your idea is the most promising and elaborated one, then your chances are pretty good. by the way, I am not in the jury and so I can not tell you what would be the best strategy for your ;-) good luck! User2776
YES! The new SDK including new driving profiles will be online soon :) User2776
nice idea.. Thanks alot.. ill try to implement server side wav and see.. thanks again User3186
Thanks for your comment robertstockamp. This night I'll see your latest app. See you ;D User2830
Hi robert, am arun and a member in the contest community.I welcomed u and same time i invite u for visit my profile and write me ur feedbaks & comments.Its highly appreciated User3148
You're right, would be worthwhile. But i think for the prototypal competition apps, this basic speech stuff is enough to illustrate the ux. User2842
Hi! I came up with one... maybe ... :D Check out the "Next Wikipedia" app again and give some feedback! User2842
Thanks for your feedback! I think the problem of being distracted goes hand in hand with almost every app... User2842
Hi I like your passenger idea, could not leave comment in proper place. I have kids so I would need two! User2869
Hi robertstockamp, thank you for joining the community! Show us some cool Apps or Ideas :) Good luck! User2776
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