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Mountain climber
Try and climb the highest mountain around and increase your score and mountains climbed status!
Shows height, location and a mountain that you are currently higher than.

Improvements! :
- localization options
- Feet or meters
- Set the max and min height to get the full range on the mountain!
App submitted: 13.05.2010
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Cool!!get us to become a "mountain city people" ;) User3067
Nice app, cool idea, looking forward to see more of it!! User2997
Thanks for all your comments! Theres about 30 mountain references in there at the moment, from all around the world! All found from wiki and such places. The Harz mountains would be great to test this on. User2969
Cool stuff! Nice design. How many mountains do you have as reference? You could add some European ones. User2838
Ok, we will try to provide you with some driving profiles from the Harz mountains (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harz) :) User2777
haha you're right Lars User2776
Cool app! Now we need some driving profile from Nepal! User2858
Cool (and very original) app!! I like it!! :) User2830
Thank you for this app! Would you please add the data you implemented in your coding, as it is always much easier for people to understand how the app works :) I like your uncommon thinking :) User2776
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Welcome to the contest kl1657!! User2830
Hi kl1657 and welcome to our contest! If you have any questions, just write on my wall. Enjoy the competition! User2776
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