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I'm a little bit confused that no Hello World App is online here! So hey here it is!!!! Dedicated to people who never coded actionscript before, like me :)
App submitted: 12.05.2010
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Im in the same boat, lol :) User3237
this is your first programing class? ;) you sould try to make it better, no? ( it´s not a hard work!). :) it´s basic, but nice. User3067
I like this one very much! It sets me in a state of meditation :) User2777
Nice! I'd get it if it was available. Not sure if I would pay for such an app though :) User2785
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Hi Baschi! Now I have some more complete my area! Take a look, if you like, and give me your opinion!;) User3067
Thanks ;) User2776
Hi Baschi! I'm workin about it! thanks! User3067
Yeah, i agree with this idea. If the car definitions include best use of fuel with predetermined conditions, an app that measures that actual conditions can suggest or control a better use of fuel. :) User3040
Hi Baschi, some nice ideas! See my comments. User2838
Hi Baschi, I understood what you meant. I just thought, as long as there is no kind of a peer2peer-car-network, you could try to implement a "low" version with this stadtplan-thing. just an idea... :) User2777
Hi Baschi! Thank you for joining our community! Hope you like the platform and you provide us with some nice Apps or Ideas for Apps :) Enjoy! User2776
cool a message system x) User2945
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