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GTI Trackdays
Simple app displaying some key information that you want to know in your GTI. You can use it for trackdays or just for fun!Would've liked to add turbo boost but that interface is unavailable. Still working on G-Force meter....Check it out and let me know what you think!
App submitted: 11.05.2010
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nice idea! User3067
Hi Jakz, nice! You should spend some time in giving it a realy cool design. What about resetting the 0-100km/h time? User2838
exelent ! User2882
Bug fixed! User2837
I've found the bug. will fix it and upload it again User2837
Thanks for your comments. . . sevennine i will look into it! User2837
I really like you app! In my old Golf I had a similar app on my notebook which used OBD Interface. But my application was not as usefull as your one because I always had to take my notebook as passenger with me. User2858
Looks like the cockpit of a plane :) when i start the app and then switch to "Highway", the top-speed is always 10 km/h and at the beginning it shows 6th gear but the speed is 10 km/h for a longer period of time. what confuses me is that if i don't switch to "Highway" it works out well. Any idea Jakz? Very cool app anyways! Thank you! User2776
To get the 0-100km/h time use the CAN data to set speed to 100km/h User2837
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Hi jakz, am arun and a member in the contest community.I welcomed u and same time i invite u for visit my profile and write me ur feedbaks & comments.Its highly appreciated User3148
Oh! I did not know that BMW had a similar application. Jakz Thanks for the info and your comments!! :) User2830
Hi Jakz! Right, you can set the cruise control but it has no effect in this demo. User2777
Hi Jakz, concerning the AppPlayer: cou could set the cruise control manually, but you can't manipulate the recorded data stream. Manual control and recorded data work independently from each other... User2777
Hi Jakz, thank you for your questions. Could you be so kind and ask all questions regarding the AppPlayer the User "Stefan Henze, VW" as he set up the AppPlayer. You will find him easily when you filter the community by "date of registration". He is one of the earliest members. User2776
hello Jakz , nice ideas you have:) User2852
Finally figured out flash! Let the programming begin. . . User2837
Thanks for your comment Jakz!! :) User2830
Flash is new to me. Need to start from scratch! User2837
Thanks excited to be here!! User2837
Hello Jakz, welcome to the VW App Contest! Hope you like the Platform! Have fun! User2776
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