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Time Capsule
"Time Capsule" is an app which is made to correlate with the car's navigation system on longer trips. It's meant as an alternative to the classic speedometer & fuel level indicators by visualizing this information in relation to distance & time.

After a destination is selected from the navigation system, the app briefly shows an overview of your current location, your destination & the total distance, before switching to the main view. (The selection of a destination is done automatically in this example-app to fit the built in driving profiles. All you have to do is choose a driving profile from the app player and hit play)

The main view is designed as a clock, with a digital speedometer/fuel level indicator in the center. The current time is indicated by a red arrow and the duration of the trip (in relation the the car's speed) is drawn out in blue, towards the estimated time of arrival (indicated by a black arrow). In addition to this, there is a black bar with a fuel pump icon next to it, indication how long the remaining amount of fuel will last. This let's the driver monitor not only how the car's speed affect the time of arrival, but also how the fuel consumption increases/decreases in relation to how fast he/she is driving.
App submitted: 30.06.2010
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Nice that you thought of having the text flip when it's after the 9 oclock and before the 3 oclock positions. User3258
I like the design of this app especialy the water "movements". It's very clean. Nice! User3271
Awesomeness design! :) User3040
sweet! User3322
Very cool design bgstall. Nice work!! :) User2830
Nice design! I like it! User2858
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