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The K sys
This Car system is basically divided into four different apps.
1)Scribble: When in hurry, you need to jot down something very quick. Just Scribble on this app and view them whenever you want to.
In This app after the scribble app loads click on the black area to draw something and click on save, to save . You can also view all the Scribbles made with this app.
2)My Neighbourhood: Need to find where the nearest food joint is, or Where the nearest Gas Station is, This App helps to find such places when in need.
Just type in a query like "Pizza", "Auto Repair","Hospital", "Bank" or any other place you might be searching for and get to know the distance from your current position.
3)Read it To Me:
This app connects to a web server where the user has sent an email containing text or text file or even a link and the app using the text to speech reads it out for him.
4)Trip Logger: It is records the information about the trip like Fuel Consumption,Average Speed,The Location,Time etc.
App submitted: 30.06.2010
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Good idea Karthik. I would put the animations a little fast, I'm very impatient! :P User2830
The idea and the design is very nice but i think sometimes the font and the touchable areas is to small. User2858
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Hi karthik u r working very gud in app.Please check ltl bit more in its perfection.Keep go ahead.Waiting for nice apps from you. User3148
Hi Karthik. This "app" is an example for avoiding sandbox problems, and keep security high at the same time. The thing is working for real. Just send me a request via the form in the app, and I provide you with everything to include any internet content you like. User2853
Hi Karthik! Welcome to the app my ride community! Going for some apps or rather ideas for apps? User2776
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