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Race Dice
Remember when you bought your first car? If you're like us, you took it for burns around town and the odd friendly race. We remember well. And of course we also pimped our cars with that classic accessory, the fluffy dice.

The Race Dice application simulates a pair of race dice on-screen. The dice move according to your speed and your acceleration in any direction while you eat up the miles and relive those golden moments. Afterwards you can shut down the animation and no one will know that you are still a young gas-head.
App submitted: 30.06.2010
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Beautiful app iconmobile!! I like it! :D User2830
Nice! Did you use papervision3d? User2858
And what´s the point? User3316
haha this one is hilarious! Thumbs up! User2776
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welcome on board iconmobile! Thanks for your two cool apps :) User2776
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