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You've been driving alone for hours. You've already listened to your favourite tracks in repeat mode and Rihanna's latest hit is being thrashed mercilessly on the radio. As if the situation couldn't get worse, you find yourself caught in a traffic jam, with absolutely no movement and no end in sight - aside from the end of the ugly Fiat in front of you.

You love your VW. It brings hours of driving pleasure. Unfortunately the boredom is growing while parked. If only there was something to play with...

Play? Your car would be happy to play with you. The RE-ACTION game is a fun way to pass the time and it's really easy to pick up. Like a childrens game, a series of actions is displayed one-by-one on the screen. You respond with the hardware controls of the car, following the commands in sequence before the time runs out: turn the steering wheel, tap the brakes, pump the accelerator, flick the light switch. The sequence becomes longer the more you get it right and increases in complexity as you progress through the levels.

Needless to say, the game can only be activated while the engine is turned off! For this demo, the hardware controls are simulated by clicking the elements on the screen.

App submitted: 30.06.2010
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Hi, cool. Wasn’t it called SENSOR (using colors & sound) :-) User2838
nice app when got stuck in a traffic jam :) User2776
This is awsome. Dangerous but it seems fun and the visuals are excellent. User3258
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welcome on board iconmobile! Thanks for your two cool apps :) User2776
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