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Next please - The traffic jam number machine
Design and development of an application for the Volkswagen on-board computer system

Imagine, you are driving with your car on the highway. After some time, the traffic in front of you is getting thicker and slows down until the first cars are coming to a halt. Suddenly, there is no movement at all: you are stuck in a traffic jam!

In the car, a subtle impatience is setting in. The kids are starting to whine, important appointments are pressing, a hectic glance at the watch – one question is coming back to your mind again and again: “How long will this take?”

You don`t have an answer? You need something to waste your time on. Wouldn`t it be great to have something, which can answer the constant questioning of your kids and calm down everybody a little bit?

That’s exactly why we developed the Traffic jam number machine for the Volkswagen on-board computer system. If you push a button, you will receive a traffic-number. Similar to a number which you can find at administrative offices. It calms someone down tremendously, if you can assess approximately how many people (or cars) are in front of you. (Even if you are on a market and want to buy fresh meat, it is comforting to know how many people are in front of you until you can order the bacon and mortadella you need).

The on-board computer system spits out a number via the GPS-system and tell you, how many cars are in front of you. In this way, you can calm down your kids and yourself. If somebody honks behind you, you will be surprised how sudden you can drive on. Have a nice trip!
App submitted: 30.06.2010
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Next please - The traffic jam number machine
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