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Volkswagen Intelligent Speaking Assistant (VISA)
VISA has the following components:

1.VISA notifications
2.VISA map
3.VISA C2C (Car to car) communication(under development)

NOTE: Uses google maps , hence , to run the app , a crossdomain.xml will be needed to run it on a webserver.Otherwise, in the app player this file runs perfectly.

1.VISA notifications basically have the work of converting the text notifications to speech and saying it out to the driver using the car speakers.Notifications include alerts for parking breaks, seat belts, proximity to vehicles, directions requested by the user etc.

2.VISA map allows the driver to get directions from the cars current location to any location the driver selects by clicking on VISA maps.Once the directions have been fetched VISA maps shown the route highlighted and also plays the VISA notifications by speech for the driver so that the driver would not need to look at the screen again and again.

3.VISA C2C is a tool which will allow the driver to have an idea of where other cars in his friend circle are?(For this the ID for each car will have to be hardcoded in the code).The following is the process of how it works:
a.Each driver vehicle will have a code
b.If the driver wants to add someone to his friends list, he takes the code of the other driver and inputs it.
c.Each VISA car will update its location on the internet at some secure gateway(right now the gateway is not secure, but these arent real cars either :) )
d.Each VISA car checks for its peer list, and gets the info of peer list from the internet and shows the locations of peers on VISA maps.

VISA has the following features:

1.Speaks to the user and gives alerts by speech mechanism whem:
a.the doors are not sercurely locked while driving
b.the parking breaks are applied while dribing
c.the vehicle next to its volkswagen is very near and there are chances of an accident
d.the seatbelts are not secured while driving
e.many other instances (notifications for many things like rash driving etc)

2. Speaks and tells the directions to the user when the user selects for directions on VISA maps so that the user is not distracted when he nneds to know the directions and no need to look at the map again and again.

3.Tells the user if any of his added peers are in a radius of 4 Kms from his location.

So hurry guys get your cars VISA powered ...;)

FOR details on directions to use and getting applications for other IDS , i.e 9160 and 2720 pelase visit http://neerajcse.0fees.net
App submitted: 30.06.2010
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interesting...works like an gps.... User2852
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Hi Neeraj, since you planned to code an app, be aware, that the deadline for submission is tomorrow! Looking forward to your app! User2776
Hi , I will be doing both. I have an idea and have started building an application. I would be building it on Flex. I recently took the Adobe Certification Exam for Flex and passed it with flying colours...;) I am not very comfortable sharing my ideas right now, so I hope it wont be a problem. User3213
A warm welcome Neeraj! Are you going to code apps or rather submitting ideas for apps? :) User2776
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