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I think it might be my last app here, because am not sure i may get time to create some new within two, three days.

Anyhow, I will give a short concept/ idea behind my application. Itís an info system.
We all know, while we drive through multi lane highways we need to change our lane many occasions. In this case my system will assist you & help you to change lanes safely. How it works?

It will give you an on screen display about the vehicles in the both sides of your lane with distances between your car & other cars. In the application I showed it clearly, the yellow car is ours and itís always stationary and if any cars enter inside the limit of detecting sensors of our car, at the moment a red car will appear in the screen and it blinks.

The distances between our car and those cars, in which lane its coming all these details will be displayed in the screen. Maybe we can add another detail about the cars coming from behind also (if we required)

So whenever we need to change, we will get a clear picture about the vehicles in our nearby lanes and thus we know the desired lane that we want to change is clear or not.
App submitted: 27.06.2010
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Yes pyros, ur suggestions are good & its acceptable.Its an added aduvantage User3148
Hi arun!! Your idea looks good :). But two comments. First. Showing four lanes, but the closest interest us. Delete one and thus is more focused :) Second. To avoid the driver constantly look at the screen, warning sound could be added. Nothing loud, with a simple beep would suffice. Also, if you could turn off the sound temporarily, would be perfect:) User2830
I think we can add an additional feature, to get some addiional benefits for the driver. Whenever you put the indicator, there is a voice alert informing about the vehcile besides you & the distance between your car & that car. User3148
Nice app... User2852
hi Arun, the concept is good, but maybe would benefit from a heads up display, as it may be hard for the driver to take their eyes off the road to look at the information. Also, I think some cares come with something similar - lane assist features? User3237
Hi. here i submit an application which help us to change line/ tracks in the higways safely User3148
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Hi arun! Thanks for you wishes! You are right is was a nice time here! I also wish the best! User2858
Good luck to you too.... User2852
Hey arun, don't worry I am fine :) We hopefully meet each other in another contest community. I am working for the company providing such plattforms for online contests and there is always a competition going on. check out www.innovation-community.de there you will find current and previous contests. right now we are working on some interesting future stuff. by the way, join our innovation community group on facebook and so we will stay in touch and you will be up to date all time. Here is the link http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/innovationcommunity?ref=ts Good luck for the final spurt and thank you for your outstanding engagement in this contest! User2776
Hi all participents, " WISH YOU ALL THE BEST & GOOD LUCK " and thx for the all peoples who visited my profile and thx for your valuable comments & evaluations that given. I also wish to say my heary thanks to all the VOLKS WAGEN team for organising this contest.Once again thx for every body. User3148
Thanks arun but i think it could be too late to win here;-) But saving energy is the very hot topic of this and of all following centuries. Why not using the power of the wind for greener cars ;-). Good luck to you and all other members Tschüss User3288
Hey arun, I am sorry for missing to welcome you at our contest! As I am not online all day long, because of other projects I am involved, it happenes soemthimes that I am not able to personally welcome all contestants. So just to clarify again, I didn't welcome you on purpose, it was just a matter of having too less time :) Hope this answer is ok for you? And regarding to the e-mail you sent to the info address: I don't have permission to this account, as it is hosted by VW. I am working for the company who set up this competition and provides the software... Cheers and thank you for your engagement! User2776
You're welcome Arun. It's a pleasure see other good jobs and ideas :) User2830
Hi arun! For if, finally I returned to the web. Among the tests and paperwork of the university, I had almost time to relax! But well, I will start leaving little for my vacation:). I've seen these days of absence has come a long development! And the truth, I am glad that there are good applications and ideas. It is good to all:). Anyway, tonight I'll get up to date with the comments. It will be tough, but I think I owe it to the community: P User2830
Thank u Arun, I still have a long way to go in the flash, but given time, Im sure should be more knowledgable. Good work on your ideas also :) User3237
Hi Arun, I just submitted my app 'Which way' . drop by an give me your thoughts :) User3237
Hi arun!! Yeah, you have all the reason. I'm in exams and I haven't got any time to see your works :(. In 2 days I'll finish :). And also I have one or two upgades for my last app, so If I have time enough, I'll implemente it. See you dude! ;) User2830
Your brain is working overtime :) good ideas! keep up the good work Arun User3237
advice not advuice, i liked the application , all the applications are fake but his one is really rock User2908
Hi frnds, Last few days am not active bcos of some urgent works in my office. So anyway am bak and 2day i present a new idea for reviews. Thx for everyobody who visiting my profile & giving valuable comments.Keep in touch with me not only til the end of the contest aftr that too User3148
Good luck Arun, Im trying to learn flash too :) lol User3237
Hi Mr. Peter, thx for ur comments sir, I am trying to improve my app, but the problem is am not very gud in flash & the time to learn it now is hard for me.Am a Senior CAD designer & working in 12-14/7.So its hard to find time for learning flash.Anyhow, i will try my best.Once again thx for ur valuable comments User3148
Hi arun, you are very active. Try to improve the apps a little bit more! User2838
Thanks for your comment arun. But I see a problem in the tihings that you said. For example, to control blood pressure, we would need more than an app :). And we have to remember that we have a car, not an ambulance ;) User2830
Thanks for your visit to my profile and also the comment User3186
This is the 1st application from me.I just created by a sample program.Anyway hope it works gud User3148
Thanks sir, ur comments are more valuable & its highly appreciated. User3148
Hi, thanks for these nice ideas. Maybe you could focus a little bit more on infotainment devices and apps that could be possible without having new sensors in the car. Would be great to have your creativity on these contest topics. User2838
Hi friends,now a days automobile tehcnologys is very much linked with electronics & computer.Here i share some ideas for ur suggetions & comments.Pls hav a look on it and i expect ur valuable co-operation. User3148
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