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Years ago if you wanted to have your favorite music with you during your car trips, you had to record the tape or burn the CD to use in the car (very annoying).

DriveCast is just the translation of this task in the Internet age.
A new “amusing travel era” is coming for cars, in which you can simply manage your playlists on the web and automatically enjoy them on your connected car.

In the demo example you access a playlist that’s automatically updated with the latest episodes from 3 german and 2 english podcasts.

This is a demo app and it works exclusively with a sample account. Digit 1234 to log in.

To experience the web-side part just go to http://drivecast.eu and click on "Try it".
App submitted: 22.06.2010
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It is working now at me too! Nice idea and nice app! I hope there will be such things in a future entertainment system! User2858
Thanks to all! @pyros: this app is meant to be a client for DriveCast web-service (http://drivecast.eu). From the web interface you can add every podcast you like, then you'll be able to play them everywhere. ;) User3153
I had the login problem as well, but now its working fine! Cool App drivecast! User2776
Hi drivecast. A very interesting app of truth. Might avoid the need to carry our iPod loaded with podcasts, and updated them forever:). One option could be that we offer to subscribe to any news related podcast traffic in the area, and varied music. To avoid too much data that could distract the driver, who would be Volkswagen supplies (although the app should show the option:)) User2830
Hi Lars, thanks for your help! In our app we use our REST APIs on HTTPS connection to get content. We already set a crossdomain file, but we figured out that the problem here is that Flash removes the Basic Authentication header that we set in the request. We'll try a temporary different solution for this demo. User3153
Hi drivecast! I think you have the same problem as many other users here. Locally the app works fine but if you upload it it doesn't work. The problem here is adobes sandbox security model. I think you try to connect to a sql database in your app and there is the problem. You have to configure a proxy with an appropriate crossdomain.xml where you allow the app to acces from another sandbox or you use the stuff robert stockamp offers in his app "Leave the sandbox to the kids". Hope this will help you! User2858
Hi Lars, thank you! I guess there's some problem on this website because the app is working fine on the AppPlayer included in the SDK. I contacted the support by email but I'm still wainting for help. :( User3153
Hi drivecast! The idea is very nice but I cannot login! I always get an error. Is there a problem with the app? User2858
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Welcome, waiting your ideas and apps :) User3150
Welcome drivecast! Good to have you here! Good luck for the contest! User2776
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