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Do you have a pen and paper?
Have you ever looked for a pen and paper in your car just to take a short note? I am sure, you did :)
After this app, you will always have them with you.

What you can do with this app :
1- Take short (or maybe long) notes down.
2- Draw a simple graphic like on a scratch pad.
3- You can use different colors and sizes for the text and the drawing pen.

Is it safe to write something while driving?
Ofcourse not. But its possible control, the speed of the car and if the car is not parked, writing and drawing options will be disabled. And driver reads a warning message like ,"You should park your car before typing!".
As we park our car when we have a phone call (incase we don't have a handsfree set), we can also park our car for a few minute to take our important notes down or draw a little reminder graphic.
App submitted: 10.06.2010
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usefull...i world use an app like this.... User2852
Hi emre..ur idea is gud..but the app not working in the system.. User3148
for the security issues, such apps maybe dangerous to be used by the driver when driving. To avoid, i have add an even lsitener to continiously check the status of parking brakes. If the parking brakes are released, app is disabled. To continiue driver must park his car. To check its functionality, please use the simulators control panel and then set the Parking Brakes Applied value true and false. Enjoy and vote :) User3150
I have almost 90% of the app completed and most of its functionality are working. I am looking forward to hear your comments :) User3150
Hi Henrik,thanks for your comment. Actually I could not yet totally completed the app. Therefore I made its title as BETA :) I am still working on it and hopefully I will complete in a few days. User3150
Hi emre! Have you embedded functionality yet? I wonder why your app is not really working - my fault? * neither keyboard nor drawing seems to work * when in typing mode, there is no way back to main menu or anything * confusing interface in generell However I like the idea :-) Henrik User2941
Ifound the solution, i used Flash CS5, but similator does not support it. I will load the app again with CS4 complied soon. User3150
there is a digital paper or???? User3175
for all coders out there: by June 16th we provide you with an updated SDK! :) User2776
Thats right, app works properly in standaloneplayer but in simulator it doesnt. I have asked support from "Contest Support" but i have got no feedback yet. User3150
Hello emre. Apparetly this app doesn't work with my system. I only see series of dots appearing to the screen. I am runnin Mac OSX with Firefox 3.0.11 and Flash Player 10 User3104
Hi emre, I can't see anything when starting your app, even not the map anymore. I use Safari + Flash Player 10 User2853
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Thanks Ameti. User3150
Hi is now working .I must parking my car.And..... User3175
Hi Neeraj, I have already submitted this idea as app, thanks for your reminding. User3150
nice idea....and nice implementation ...though it would be bad if you used an app already submitted by someone else. User3213
Hi Karthik, only if you do not copy my design, it will not be a problem for me at all. Its already clear that I submitted the idea before you. Go ahead and design your app. Good luck User3150
Hi emre , I had a idea similar to your "Do you have a pen" but then i saw your idea already submitted. So will it be a problem if made app of it? User3186
Hi Robert, thanks for your suggestion. I egree :) User3150
HI emre, you might want to include information gathered from the internet in your application, e.g. geocoded infos, news, etc. User2853
Hi Emre . You have a got idea. User3175
Good to have you here emre! Enjoy the contest! User2776
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