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Immediate medical record
In road accidents, the most important is that the reaction is fast and efficient. Many victims on the road could be avoided if it had acted quickly. But this behavior depends on several factors stand out: 1 Time taken to warn the medical services. and 2nd time to identify which patients are facing (not the same relief to a healthy person to someone with hepatitis for example).
With this application, we solve the two problems.
Passengers will enter the car, must be entering their profiles for the application to recognize them. If they appear in the profile list will select it and go. Otherwise, you must create a new profile with age, blood group and if they have any allergies (the first version. In future I will be adding more stuff:)). It is also interesting to note that seat will be to facilitate the work of doctors. After entering the profiles (if you do not enter the driver will not work. Logical, no?:)), We begin the journey by clicking the button and the screen will be minimized to a red cross on the screen. If we need to add or remove profiles (for entering or leaving someone in the car), clicking on the cross will return to the previous menu. With the cross visible, the program is attentive to sudden movements of the car (with the methods we have, only available lateral acceleration. In the real version, also would be available for front and rear collisions), and if it detects something, automatically call the emergency department (given 10 seconds if it has been an error in the system) warning of our coordinates to be rescued. Once called, the table will automatically appear with profiles and passenger data, so that emergency services do not have to do anything, just look at the data and act accordingly.

As I have said, this initial phase. The following updates carry the issuance of a warning alarm sound in case of accident and the possibility of using health as a platform google (or google H9) to enter data.

As an observation, say that while the application is not minimized, not detect potential collisions. The reason is that when we put the data, we must stand, so it makes no sense to control it.
App submitted: 06.06.2010
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Good idea please implement it VW User3288
that's a great job!! :) User3198
Very useful idea and great work Pyros. That kind of ideas could improve one of the most important things, our safety and our health.I think this could have a very wide aplication nowadays.Great job! User3282
Great! nice work User3279
Really smart and very useful idea. I suggest citizen\'s profile database must be strictly implemented by Govt while one applying for citizenship/passport in respective countries and this data will be available online at least in emergency situations like you mentioned. I think this will be useful in international Air/Ship port clearance also. - what do you think? User2899
good idea! User2838
Yea nice work. Think about reducing this blur effect a bit, it is not necessary and distracts a bit!, rather make some more blur on the pixeled images. Nice Job! User2815
We seem to be on the same wavelength..perhaps I'm thinking a little more pessimistic though. Maybe you can integrate my Donor Card idea into your bigger picture? User3194
Good Luck!!! User3175
Really good idea pyros! I'm shur if you improve it lifes could be saved! User2858
Well, nice idea. Looking forward seeing more of your ideas implemented in your app. As for registration and stuff I posted an app just yesterday User2853
Its a useful idea, ned to work out it detail.Not only accidents, i think we can add systems to check the passangers blood pressure,Heart beat counts etc. So if something not in the normal level, then also it will inform driver & will send messages to the neraby hospital with datas.Anyway this idea will workable. I think, it will not work only based on the system in car, we have to link it with hosiptals and its concern departments, ambulance servises & traffic police, insurance peoples etc.Anyhow its gud idea User3148
this kind of apps will make this world a better and more safely place to live :) i think it is a great idea. Thanks! User3182
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nice text! User3327
Hey pyros! I agree with you! It was a nice contest and it was nice that you have been here! User2858
Hi pyros! After a long day I finally uploaded my last app! I hope you like it! User2858
Hi pyros my frnd, Thx for ur support & valuable comments.Wish u good luck in this contest & wish u good luck & all the best. User3148
Thats fine that your are back pyros! I hope you had successful exams!! User2858
Thanks Pyros, I like your ideas too, especially the immediate medical one, that would be very handy User3237
Hello pyros, Thanks for your feedback.^^ It is very difficult to find some bugs or improvements. In my opinion, your Historical-GPS-App is very useful and interesting. I like history, but I never have the history book when I need it:-D See you later stealth User3193
Welcome back pyros! Good to have you on board again! :) User2776
Hi pyros, Its pleassure to knew that ur bak here in the last moment.Thx for ur comments & aduvices.Keep in touch with me future too. User3148
Sounds great. User3285
Hi pyros, My frnd, hope u finhsd ur xams in a gud way & hope ur alryt. We all missed ur presence here.Hope b4 the end day of this contest u will pass through here with some new ideas.Anyway i submitted a new app (still am not gud in animation).If u get time, pls hav a look on it. User3148
Yes pyros! We are really missing you!!! User2858
Hi pyros, Havent seen u here recently.I expect some more good apps & ideas from you. I also miss ur valuable comments & suggestions.I hope u will be here in the final moments User3148
Hey thanks for comments .. User3186
yeah! Those are some good's ideas! Good ridance! User3198
That is a nice idea. It could also tell if you are in fact moving towards the target or away from it by keeping track on the distance. User3104
I'll let you know when/if VW provides this proxy. For now I've set up one on my web-server, so it is working... And this would apparently kill all the cross-domain problems as it turns out... User2842
Hello. Thank you for your feedback regarding Foursquare Tips. I agree with you on that there should be some sort of push feature in the cars own navigation system that apps could use for guiding a driver. There is no point for everyone to do their own navigation systems for their apps. I didn't quite get what exactly you did with your last app that I could also implement in mine? User3104
I wanted to refine a little more my app's, but seeing that the ideas go too fast (two applications have already left I had in mind! :)) I am obliged to publish my beta version ... with all of you my new app: "Also you can go..." :) User2830
not happening. I don't get to start the Alcoholimeter. will my computer? User3067
- VW guard v.4.0 is ready!! :) User2830
Now your app is perfect....the real values and the phone contacts....perfect...congratulations.... User2852
2nd version of alcoholimeter app!! :) User2830
Hi pyros! I think my fuel station app should work now. Could you please test it? Thanks! User2858
Yes, it`s a good idea. I will try it. Thanks again! User3067
o you I can make a personal question? How do you get such good app? Your work is amazing. Do you think an app could be viable based on CO2 VW comunity? I fail at several points that I can not solve and for sure you are nothing. Do you dare? User3067
Hi pyros, yhank for your comment (in CO2 sensor)! It´s make me think about the best version. We could make CO2 VW comunity, constantly exchanging data between us, on a central database, updating at the time levels, and exclusive to VW comunity. Yes,a great idea! User3067
Hi pyros. Thanks for your comment! didn't know Navman GPS before, but if there is a similar service then my idea was quite good ;-) User2858
It's true, but you can remember where is your car but not how many are you drunk, because yours friends help (In all the things, to drink and to find yor car). You will put a botom like this: 'beers: not remeber' 'other: not remember'---- solution: take a taxi. hahahah ;) nice to meet you! User3067
Thank you pyros, I´m working hard to think in more ideas. User3067
thank u pyros your ideas are so nice User3047
Hi pyros, that rules. The Guard v3 is getting better and better. Since you have implemented to apps responding on the driving behavior: What about having an avatar/icon/tamagochi (smiley, something abstract, or even your guard) responding on the driving behavior by changing his design/appearance (e.g lateral acceleration moves the avatar to the left or right border of the app). User2838
you are allowed to implement all of the ideas in the idea-pool. but it would be nice, if you would ask the person who came up with the idea first. so you have lots of possibilities :) User2776
I am not going to implement it, but if you want to do it, feel free! :) User2776
Pyros thank you very much for your comments. User3007
Hi pyros, nice update! Thats the right way. Design is one of the relevant topics for the jury, so keep on improving ... Btw you could do a second version of the app playing in the frame we provided. Then you could use the background as design element. Or (even better) you could do both in the same app. So the user can configure having a transparent background or not. User2838
I've updated my app "The VW agent" please check and comment your opinions!! :) User2830
hey pyros, thanks for your compliment! User2935
Your colors are great. But you won't see any "red" untill we provide a driving profile with "bad" behaviour! :) User2777
hello Pyros, nice ideas, you have:) User2852
don't know - i just had the same troubles. if it appears again - i'll talk to the coder guy! thx for the hint User2776
and yes, again. You people at VW should start thinking about a centralized communication server :-). Like I also mentioned with my "security issues". Possibilities are endless .... User2853
hi to you too . Nice to be here User2885
Hey hello pyros. User2885
wow sounds like you are pretty busy. as i am working for the company who set up this competition, i am not allowed to contribute ;-) anyways, I hope you find time to submit your app - you could go for the student prize! User2776
I am really excited what those creative people out there will come up with! You can use the CAN data streams, but you are also very welcome to exclude these date from your coding and provide completely innovative new ideas, services for apps :) what are you planing - app or ideas? cheers! User2776
Welcome pyros! Enjoy the competition! Hope you show us some cool Ideas or some nice Apps! User2776
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