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The members with the three best Apps are selected by the jury at the end of the contest and win great prizes. In addition, the most active member and the winner by the community vote are rewarded with non monetary prizes. If you are a student, you have the chance to win an invaluable prize.
Be aware that your Apps will be evaluated by the idea itself, interface design (“joy of use”), the fit to the word of automotives, as well as the quality of implementation. Become a member of the Volkswagen “APP MY RIDE” contest and develop your Apps & Ideas for the infotainment-system of tomorrow and thereby win great prizes. Enjoy the contest!

The prizes for the three best apps are

  • 1st prize: 3.000 € in cash and a VIP trip to an exclusive car presentation incl. flight and hotel.
  • 2nd prize: 2.000 €
  • 3rd prize: 1.000 €

The price for the best idea (jury-vote)

A Volkswagen car for a weekend (can be picked up at local dealer)

The price for the best voted app by the community

A Volkswagen car for a weekend (can be picked up at local dealer)

The prize for the most active member (based on activity index)

A Volkswagen car for a weekend (can be picked up at local dealer)

The "Student Award"

The student with the best combination of programmed App(s) and valuable contributions (comments, ideas, votings) wins an internship (including flight) at Volkswagen for 6 months, optionally in Tokyo, Shanghai, California or the home of Volkswagen in Wolfsburg. The winner of the student award is determined by the jury. If you want to apply for the student award, you have to activate the checkbox “I apply for the student award” in “My Area” under “edit”.

What is the activity counter and how is it determined?

The Activity Counter shows your involvement and engagement in the contest. Each activity on the platform like submitting an App or Idea or leaving a comment will be counted with a specific value. The sum of all of your activities is your activity index. You can check your activity points in "My Area". The following table shows the specific value of the member activities during the contest:
Contribution of 1 App50
Contribution of 1 Idea10
Provide an App or idea with 1 comment3
Leaving a message to another member2
Community vote of 1 App or idea1
Upload of profile picture (once)10


The evaluation process consists of 2 steps: 1. Community Evaluation Participants of the contest can evaluate Apps & Ideas of other contestants in a community vote by clicking a “thumbs-up” or “thumbs-down” button. Evaluation of Apps • I like this App Evaluation of Ideas • I like this Idea The rating is displayed within the App/Idea pool by showing the percentage of positive votes. In contrast to other functions of the platform, the community tool is only activated for each member with the confirmation of the user’s email in order to avoid fraud with multiple accounts. 2. Jury Evaluation The jury determines the final winners and is urged to evaluate the Apps by the defined evaluation criteria “Idea”, “Interface-Design – Joy of Use” and “Automotiveness”, and “Transformation of Idea”. Process: The community vote serves as filter mechanism for the jury members yet do not have direct influence on the determination of the winning Apps. As a result, the jury is independent from the evaluation done by the community and its judgment therefore is more flexible and might be more accurate for determining the final winners. The jury members will discuss the Apps and thereby mind varying views.


In order to participate in the contest, you have to register. As a registered user you can contribute your designs and become a candidate for the prizes and also read, evaluate and comment on other Apps & Ideas. To finalize your registration, you have to agree to the Terms and Conditions. To register, you must take the following steps: 1. Login information (mandatory) 2. Personal information (optional) 3. Recommendation of the competition to your networks and friends (optional) 4. Agreement with the Terms and Conditions of the contest (mandatory) Finally, you will receive a confirmation email, which contains a link by which you can activate the voting function.

Terms and Conditions

To be eligible to take part in the contest, submit Apps & Ideas and win one of the prizes. Remember you must become a registered user and agree with the terms and conditions of the contest. The whole contest phase is being conducted by the HYVE Innovation Community GmbH. HYVE is a German innovation agency dealing with customer integration into the product innovation process. Feel free to get all important information about HYVE on their website, or contact them directly.