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Contest Topic

The "App my Ride" contest by Volkswagen seeks Apps and Ideas for possible Apps for a prototype of a future Volkswagen infotainment system. The goal of the contest is not only to gain innovative applications, but also to involve interested users, coders and developers into the process of developing Apps. You can submit your compiled Apps in the form of a SWF-file (380 x 380 pixels) and you also have the possibility to post your creative ideas for possible Apps. If you decide to implement an App, you have a multiplicity of options, as you can include various types of data input into your App. These so called CAN data streams have been recorded on a real highway and a city trip in a Volkswagen vehicle. You can test your Apps with our "AppPlayer". Download the software development kit, which includes the AppPlayer, as well as the instructions and the available CAN data streams! Just submitting an app idea that you would like to see developed can also put you in the running for one of our many prizes. You may enter as many Apps and Ideas as you want. To provide you with some inspiration you can find some categories as well as examples of Apps below. If your creative contributions do not fit in one of these categories, don’t be concerned about it, as these categories just serve as inspiration.
Be aware that your Apps will be evaluated by the idea itself, interface design ("joy of use"), the fit to the world of automotives, and the quality of implementation. Become a member of the Volkswagen "App my Ride" contest and develop your Apps & Ideas for the infotainment-system of tomorrow, and win great prizes. Enjoy the contest!

Contest Timeline

  • Start of the contest: 03.05.2010
  • End of submission: 30.06.2010
  • Jury Meeting: August 2010
  • Announcement of winners: August 2010

Submission of Apps

If you decide to submit an App, you can develop it, in part, with an easy-to-use- toolkit. With the toolkit, each member can contribute their own Apps easily and in a standardized format which enables other participants to comprehend the Apps’ essence and to identify interesting aspects, shortcomings and potential for further elaboration. You can submit an App without any restrictions, but you also have the chance to enrich your coded App with real data input that was recorded when driving a highway and a city trip. Download the developer kit, which includes the AppPlayer, as well as the instructions and the available CAN data streams here (zip Ordner einfügen – mit Titel “Developer Kit”). If you want to submit your coded App, you have to follow 6 steps:
  1. Get informed about the contest, the AppPlayer and available CAN data streams provided from Volkswagen by downloading the software development kit
  2. Upload your SWF file to the testing environment (“Submit” – “Submit your App”)
  3. After testing your App, click the "Submit" Button
  4. Add "Title", "Description" and an "Icon" to your App (be aware that the icon is mandatory)
  5. Add TAGs (categories) to your App
  6. Submit your App and share it on facebook, twitter or any other social network! (sharing is optional, but recommended)
After the completion of your submissions in the toolkit, the App is displayed in the App-pool.

Criteria for the Apps

The following criteria will be applied to judge the Apps from the community:
  • Idea
  • Interface-Design – "Joy of use"
  • Automotiveness (fit to automotive world)
  • Transformation of Idea

Submission of Ideas

If you would like to submit an Idea for a future App, you can enter this as well by an easy-to-use toolkit. The toolkit is quite similar to the App entry toolkit and guides you through the entry process. After the completion of the submission in the toolkit, your idea is displayed in the Idea-pool. The following steps have to be completed in order to enter an Idea:
  • Get informed and learn more about the topic!
  • Describe your Idea by filling out the form
  • Upload additional images and attachments (optional)
  • Submit your Idea and share it on facebook, twitter or any other social network! (sharing is optional, but recommended)


In order to get inspired by the other community members, the discussion is very important for everyone. A flourishing community will encourage your own ideas and enhance your thoughts! Founded on your activity on the platform you gain a certain kind of value, which is called your "Activity-Index". Besides the submission of Apps & Ideas, your social activity is respected, too! That means, leaving messages to other participants, voting for Apps & Ideas and evaluating them lets you gather points in your Activity-Index. After the contest phase, the three most active community members will be rewarded with great prizes!


The evaluation process consists of 2 steps: 1. Community Evaluation Participants of the contest can evaluate Apps & Ideas of other contestants in a community vote by clicking a “thumbs-up” or “thumbs-down” button. Evaluation of Apps • I like this App Evaluation of Ideas • I like this Idea The rating is displayed within the App/Idea pool by showing the percentage of positive votes. In contrast to other functions of the platform, the community tool is only activated for each member with the confirmation of the user’s email in order to avoid fraud with multiple accounts. 2. Jury Evaluation The jury determines the final winners and is urged to evaluate the Apps by the defined evaluation criteria of “Idea”, “Interface-Design – Joy of Use” and “Automotiveness”, and “Transformation of Idea”. Process: The community vote serves as a filter mechanism for the jury members yet do not have direct influence on the determination of the winning Apps. As a result, the jury is independent from the evaluation done by the community and its judgment therefore is more flexible and might be more accurate for determining the final winners. Following the community evaluation, jury members will discuss the Apps and present their different views.


In order to participate in the contest, you have to register. As a registered user you can contribute your own Apps & Ideas, become a candidate for the prizes, and also read, evaluate and comment on other Apps & Ideas. To finalize your registration, you have to agree to the Terms and Conditions. To register, you must take the following steps: 1. Login information (mandatory) 2. Personal information (optional) 3. Recommendation of the competition to your networks and friends (optional) 4. Agreement with the Terms and Conditions of the contest (mandatory) 5. You will receive a confirmation email, which contains a link by which you can activate the voting function.

Terms and Conditions

To be eligible to take part in the contest, submit Apps & Ideas and win one of the prizes. Remember you must become a registered user and agree with the terms and conditions of the contest. The whole contest phase is being conducted by the HYVE Innovation Community GmbH. HYVE is a German innovation agency dealing with customer integration into the product innovation process. Feel free to get all important information about HYVE on their website, or contact them directly.